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Autopsy reveals Rob Adams was shot 7 times in the back by police

Family of Robert Adams release results of independent autopsy after he was shot and killed by police
Family of Robert Adams release results of independent autopsy after he was shot and killed by police 02:42

The family of Rob Adams, a 23-year-old man who was shot and killed by police in July, disclosed the findings from an independent autopsy.

Rob Adams was 23-years-old when he was shot by a San Bernardino PD officer. CBSLA

Adams was shot seven times in the back by a San Bernardino Police officer, according to the autopsy. 

Adams was working at a gambling business in San Bernardino when two officers got out of an unmarked car and chased after the former before shooting him. 

Adams' family, along with its attorney Ben Crump, said during a press conference in front of San Bernardino City Hall that the autopsy's findings ultimately confirmed what surveillance video showed.

"So what does that tell us? That they were not threatened by a black man running away from them? There was no reason for them to shoot this black man running away from them, seven times," Crump said. 

Adams was on the phone with his mother, Tamika King, when the shooting unfolded back on July 16.

"When I say this is pain, literally, I am in pain," King said. "I won't see my son walk through that door no more, I won't see his beautiful smile, I won't have his love and loyalty that he had for his family no more."  

Firearm that police said 23-year-old Rob Adams was carrying.

San Bernardino PD told CBSLA Reporter Rachel Kim that the officers involved were from a specialized undercover unit. 

The officers were investigating complaints about a man with a gun that was stationed behind an illegal gambling facility. 

The department told Kim that Adams pulled a gun from his waistband and then approached the officers after they arrived to the scene. 

"If there was a 911 call, why would you show up with undercover police officers, why wouldn't you show up with an identifiable marked police vehicle so Rob and everybody else would know this was the police?" Crump said.

San Bernardino PD said it will not comment on the independent autopsy. A funeral for Adams will be held Saturday at Ecclesia Christian Church in San Bernardino.

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