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Author, Rocket Scientist Shares Tips To Remove 'Mathaphobia'

STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Do you have a fear of math?

Author and award-winning rocket scientist, Olympia LePoint, stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to discuss her book "Mathaphobia"!

In the book, LePoint shares tips for parents, educators and college-bound students to re-program the brain, ending mathaphobia for good and promoting success again.

Three basic steps to remove mathaphobia:

Place a name to your fear & discover its source. There are four dysfunctional mathaphobia characters that we need to reprogram our mind to overcome "Quincy the Quitter"; "Donna the Over-Doer"; "Samuel the Struggler"; and "Crystal the Criticizer". Quincy is overwhelmed with failure, so he quits before he even tries. Donna the Over-Doer will try, and try, always memorizing but still fails. Samuel is a genius in disguise; and Crystal is notorious for blaming everyone for her poor performance.

Reprogram Your Brain. Our thoughts can be potentially explosive. The question is, "Which will it be: constructive or destructive energy?" In order to turn off the fear, we must reprogram our brain with fearless thoughts. As the fear is removed, good thoughts must take its place. For example if Quincy the Quitter wants to become David the Determined, he must Divorce Avoidance & Re-Marry Help. Quincy thinks, "I am never going to understand this math." David Reprograms, "I will understand parts of math, and eventually most math topics."

Build New Brain Neurons for Completion. Once we have decided to reprogram our minds, it is not enough to just think differently. We must also carry out actions that connect new brain tissue to other areas in our brain. These courageous actions help our brains to build new neuron pathways to sustain learning. In my book I share detailed actions steps each personality can take. For example Quincy can become David by seeking out "Mr. Help's Class", and finding the "MCoach".

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