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Author John Gray Targets The Differences Between Men And Women In Business

STUDIO CITY ( — Author John Gray stopped by the KCAL9 studios Monday to talk about his new book, Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business.

The book tackles the biggest misunderstandings and obstacles that prevent men and women from excelling together at work. It provides new solutions that can break down these barriers and bring true productivity to any work environment.

The eight blind spots:

Do Women Want Men to Change?

• Women are not as content in today's workplace as men are. From the boardroom to the conference room, women feel valued differently than men, they often feel dismissed for their ideas. Men on the other hand, are generally comfortable with the rules of today's corporate culture. They're not aware of how their behavior affects women

Do Men Appreciate Women?

• While men thrive on recognition for their results, women feel most appreciated when they're acknowledged for the challenges they face in attaining these results.

Are Women Being Excluded?

• A women's feelings of exclusion don't stem from specific incidents , but rather from a recurring pattern of male behavior at work that tends to dismiss a women's ideas and questions during meetings etc.

Do Men Have To Walk On Eggshells With Women?

• Men often find themselves walking on eggshells with women in the workplace, in which they have a hesitant feeling that can surface any time men interact with women.

Do Women Ask Too Many Questions?

• Men often say that women ask too many questions. Some men even say it's a major problem especially during meetings in which they believe women's questions tend to slow down progress and delay decision making.

Do Men Listen?

• Women most often say that their number one issue is "men don't listen." Men's predictable response is "Of course we listen." The greater insight is men do listen, but not always in ways that communicate to a women that she being heard.

Are Women Too Emotional?

• Yes, women are EMOTIONAL, and they tend to express their feelings regardless of large or small-more often than men do. But does that mean they are too emotional? Clearly women don't think so and many women believe that at times men don't show enough emotion.

Are Men Insensitive?

• Women often say men are INSENSITIVE. Women often react to people and environments differently than men do, and they tend to bring more empathy to virtually every situation.

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