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Attorney For Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing TV Lawyer Says It Was In Self-Defense

MANHATTAN BEACH (  —  The lawyer for a man accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend, a lawyer who appeared on reality TV shows, says the killing occurred while he was defending himself.

The real-life murder of Loredana Nesci, 47, is shaking up Redondo Beach. Often appearing on TV shows as a legal analyst, she was dubbed "The Legal Diva" and featured in her own show on Sundance TV called "Loredana, Esq."

Nesci, a former LAPD officer turned lawyer, was found there murdered Wednesday and boyfriend Robert Reagan, 51, says the stabbing was all a tragedy.

Her friends don't believe it's a case of self defense.

KCAL9's Brittney Hopper spoke to some of the victim's friends.

Flowers are continuing to arrive at the Redondo Beach home that Nesci and Reagan shared with their child.

Reagan's lawyer on Friday told Hopper in a written statement that Reagan acted in self-defense, saying: "She attacked Robert with a hunting knife in the midst of a domestic dispute."

Nesci's longtime friend Alex Kyrklund says this can't be true.

"There's no way. There's just no way. I mean, she's not violent. She was the sweetest, most positive person, and she believed in the law. Why would she go against everything she believed in?" Kyrklund asked.

Reagan's attorney also said, "Robert tried to disarm her, and in the intense struggle that ensued, she tragically suffered a fatal wound. While Robert is not guilty of committing any criminal offense, he is devastated by this horrible event."

Another friend of the couple's, who didn't want to be identified, told Hopper by phone that Reagan is a gentle man and couldn't see either of them hurting each other.

Kyrklund says the entire situation is very tragic.

"I mean, none of this makes sense. There's gotta be more to this than what we are hearing. I'm just heartbroken," Kyrklund said.

Friends said the couple were having problems with their relationship.

Reagan, being held on more than $1 million bail, is due back in court Aug. 20.

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