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The Aspiring Young Actor/Actress Guide to Los Angeles

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Breaking into the entertainment industry is a big dream for many individuals, which is why people will pack up their belongings and move to Southern California in hopes of doing just that. Many Hollywood hopefuls do reach their goals when they combine hard work with timely opportunity. However, aspiring entertainers must recognize the challenge that is ahead. With that in mind, here is a quick guide for the aspiring actor or actress who wants to make a name for him or herself in Los Angeles.


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Ultimately, getting into any field is about relationships. According to the overused cliche, it isn't what you know, it's who you know. Unfortunately, this phrase is true. Therefore, young actors and actresses should focus on meeting people, making contacts and building relationships over time. This can be easier said than done, but people must keep in mind that studios and talent agencies will not be coming to them. Using something like Facebook may seem like a normal way to network in today's society, but individuals may think about something more professional, such as

Patience and Perseverance

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The young actor or actress who wants to get into entertainment in Los Angeles must have patience and be willing to endure a number of rejections, failures and unfulfilled opportunities. Los Angeles, Hollywood and Burbank are large cities, and job seekers may have to endure the region's traffic, hot weather and high cost of living. There are literally thousands of individuals who want to get into acting, and many of them are very talented. Aspiring actors and actresses should not take every rejection to heart, but recognize that many of today's stars started at the bottom as well.


Beyond general principles of self-motivation, young actors and actresses should seek to utilize a number of resources at their disposal. A young thespian may think about acting lessons in order to hone their craft.


Check out this link for a list of acting schools in California:

Actors and actresses should also think about working with a talent agency that can help them find work. Here are some links to talent agencies in the area:


There are also professional organizations that may help with meeting people and building relationships. For a listing of organizations dedicated to actors, see here:

In addition, there are the challenges of living in Los Angeles, which means that people should have a sense of the city before moving out west. Check out this guide for actors in LA:

Recognizing Limits

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Trying to get into acting is a major risk because plenty of talented individuals want to do it and there are no guarantees that aspiring thespians will find work in the competitive realms of movies, television and theater. Some people like the idea of entertainment but get sidetracked by other jobs, relationships and the realities of living close to "the industry." At some point there are individuals who realize it is time to move on to something else. There is nothing wrong with this conclusion, as not everyone is destined to be an actor or actress. For those who stick around, opportunities may come for young actors and actresses in Los Angeles if they stick to their dreams and see them through to completion.

- Todd Pheifer
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