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Ask An OC Expert: Tips For Shopping On Cyber Monday

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While many argue that the best offers and deals of the year can be found during Black Friday, for online shoppers, Cyber Monday is a surefire way to narrow in on huge savings from the comfort of your own home while avoiding the headache of long lines. From your fingertips to the best discounts on the web, we asked OC expert Jane Coke how to make the most of getting the best deals on Cyber Monday

Jana Coke
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Jana Coke is the principal wardrobe consultant at The Frugal Stylist, a personal shopping and wardrobe consultant company. With a passion for helping others, Jana helps to build confidence in their personal style while also helping them shop on a budget. You can catch Jana discussing all things frugal and fashionable on her blog and her YouTube channel.

Do your research

"Many websites post their upcoming deals about two weeks in advance to give you a teaser on what items you should expect to go on sale. Create a shopping list of items you are looking to purchase for yourself and for gifts for the holiday season. Visit websites that you know have the items you are looking to purchase and sign up for their email alerts." The OC expert suggests it's always important to inquire ahead of time as well. Some retail sites provide sneak previews of what to expect on Cyber Monday and even let you check out some of the selections on sale ahead of time via exclusive email offers for preferred subscribers. Make sure to contact customer service to ask about Cyber Monday deals.

Establish a shopping budget

"To avoid over spending and getting caught up in the frenzy of a sale, establish a specific dollar amount you would like to spend." It's easy to think that automatic sales equals deep slashes to prices and therefore you can over indulge in spending. This is the common failure some shoppers have a habit of making. Just because there will be deep discounts doesn't mean you should overspend. As the OC expert states, come with a spending allowance in mind, that way you can make the most of what you would like to spend and exactly how you'd like to spend it.

Shop uninterrupted

"Set aside a minimum of 30 uninterrupted minutes to do your shopping. For in-demand items, many retailers will only allow a limited amount of time for the items to sit idle in your virtual shopping cart. To avoid missing out on the deal of the century, make a priority appointment in front of your computer." When those deals pop up, they're here one minute and gone the next. Some of the best online bargain hunters already have a set time dedicated exclusively to finding the best deals. As the OC expert suggests, zero in on the amount of time you spend browsing websites to monitor your shopping activity in order to make sure that hard-to-get item in your shopping cart is not lifted by someone else.

Shop early

"Most sales go live at 12 a.m. on Monday, so this would be the best time to get the greatest deals! Additionally, some retailers offer special deals in the wee hours on top of the great deals you will get during the day." As the old saying goes 'the early bird gets the worm.' When it comes to online shopping, the earlier the better. With special reserved shopping days such as Cyber Monday, it's important to come as early as possible. This also gives you time to browse items already on sale and make a price comparison to see exactly how much you are actually saving.

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