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Ask An Expert: How To Decorate Your Home For Halloween

halloween home
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When it comes to enjoying and celebrating Halloween, it doesn't always have to be scary. Instead, families have the option to go for a more festive and creative mood with accessories, costumes and more. The Pottery Barn Kids is a popular store where parents and kids can enjoy a family shopping spree for Halloween while enjoying the creative space that the store provides for its customers. When it comes to transforming a home a into a Halloween adventure, it starts with finding a fun theme and choosing creative decorations. Originality and simplicity, when combined, will help parents choose items that are  that are out-of-the -box, fun and engaging. Halloween can be festive and bright based on choosing the right decorations and accessories.

Maria Calvo
Pottery Barn Kids
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 549-9344

Maria Calvo  is an employee of Pottery Barn Kids at the Grove,a trendy L.A. shopping center and destination. Calvo is driven by her passion for working with kids and families to make the most of their shopping spree with a wide selection of designer items to choose from. Her creative ideas are welcomed by customers who find themselves requesting her guidance while shopping for Halloween decorations. Calvo cheerfully shared some exciting holiday tips on how families can decorate their homes for Halloween using simple ideas that will brighten the home with excitement and fun for kids.

Funniest Halloween Costumes
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Choosing Fun Costumes That Represent Fun Characters

Halloween costumes are one of the most exciting parts of the season for kids, and though it seems obvious, one of the best ways to liven the home for the holiday. A costume of one of their favorite characters can put a smile on their face with anticipation of the moment they get ready to change into their costume and go trick-or-treating. The monarch butterfly, a princess, spiderman and Star Wars characters are some of the popular characters that are some of the popular choices with kids.

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Pumpkin Decorated Themes Can Set The Tone For The Season

Orange pumpkin decorations can be used to create the anticipation of Halloween in a variety of fun ways. Clearing a kitchen table and dressing it with  colorful pumpkin tablecloth runners work wonders to make the dining area come alive with seasonal charm. Serving meals with pumpkin decorated plates and forks opens up the creative space to the fun of the season.

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Stuffed Pumpkins on Deck Railing
Simplicity In Decorations Adds Just The Right Ingredients

Sometimes less is more. On a table in the living room, a bowl of mixed candy treats with orange candy bags for each family member can create fun moments for kids and families to enjoy. In addition to candies, a dining table can be decorated with a tiered orange plate layered with cupcakes with orange icing and cookies.

Pumpkin Carving Feature
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Choose One Piece Of Artsy Accessories To Set Off The Dining Area Of Your Home

Less is more when it comes to decorations. Sometimes one unique artsy piece added to a room can set it off nicely. A cardboard chandelier made of bats is  a conversation piece as well as a one-of-a-kind decoration that stands on its own as a room changer. Another special type of decoration is a big battery operated pumpkin filled with lit candles. It can be placed on the porch outside the front door with the porch light out, allowing the candles to light up the porch with an orange and white glow.

Pick The Perfect Pumpkin
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Add Real Pumpkin Pies To The Shopping List

Going to a local bakery and purchasing a few fresh pumpkin pies is a great way to combine a Halloween celebration with culinary delights. Setting the pies on platters to serve on the pumpkin table cloth runner creates a beautiful setting in the home that reminds kids that Halloween can be fun and at the same time enjoyable when it comes to delicious foods. Pumpkin drawings are for decorations. Real pumpkins are for delectable desserts!

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