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Ask A Local Expert - Summer Fashion Trends

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Summer fashion obviously means a lot of looks with shorts and sleeveless blouses, but there is a lot more versatility that can come with these long, hot months. There is a lot you can do with your look this summer to stay fresh, cool and stylish. For tips on the best trends to plan for this summer, check out these tips from OC Style Report.

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OC Style Report

Since 2012, The OC Style Report has been the OC area's go-to for the best fashion trends and tips. Every week, you can find tops on their site for beauty, lifestyle and more, including makeup and hair tips, suggested styles and even tips, tricks and columns from professional stylists and designers. Every facet of beauty is covered here, and if you are looking for ideas on home design, travel and fitness OC has your back as well. With multiple guest bloggers and writers making appearances, plus contact information on some of the best spots to help you achieve your dream look, OC Style Report is collaborative in every sense. That means you are getting a taste of the real best of OC every time you read

To prepare for summer, here are the styles and fashions OC Style Report is looking out for in the next few months.

high wasited shorts
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High Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts

It's hot in the summer months, especially here in California, so of course we expect shorts to be all the rage. But a good way to step up the style is with high waisted shorts. But, not just your regular denim shorts. These days, the 90's are back and in style in a modern way. Ripped denim is all the rage. Pair them with something partially tucked and it will really show off your figure and accentuate your shape, especially helping to show off your legs.

off shoulder dress top
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Off The Shoulder Tops

No matter what year it is, no matter what season it is, something that never goes out of style is denim. Denim has always been in, and that's not going to change any time soon. So embrace it! One particularly hot look right now is an off-the-shoulder top. The shirt makes you look and feel fun and loose, and really frees you up while showing off your shoulders. Pair it with some nice denim jeans and you will have a look that seems effortless, breezy and fun. 

Ripped Denim
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Ripped Denim

The grunge style of the 90's is back in a modern way. Throw on a pair of skinny knee-ripped jeans in any color and match it with a longline tee or button down for guys, or a top for girls.

print dress
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Tropical Prints

Nothing says summer and the beach like a tropical print! But this isn't the Hawaiian shirt your dad wears every year on vacation. Finding a good tropical print on a dress or off-the-shoulder top makes it look like you're always on vacation. It's fun, vibrant, breezy and the vibrant colors will really make you stand out on the street or on the beach. For men, try wearing some fun swim trunks to the beach or the pool!

brow bar sunglasses
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Brow Bar Circle Sunglasses

Brow bar sunglasses are very popular right now. Especially the ones that have circular frames. Plenty of outlets are selling these chic throw back to the 90's style sunglasses, too. It's popular for festival season and a California laid back style.

Written by Bianca Belli of for CBS Local. Bianca is a passionate writer and lover of her Connecticut home. When she is not working, she loves sitting in the shade with a glass of tea and a good read.
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