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Area Lifeguards Ask Public To Remember Common Sense On Crowded Beaches During Holiday Weekend

VENICE BEACH (  —  Hot weather, holiday weekend, big crowds.

Area lifeguards will have their hands filled this weekend so they're reminding the public to remember safety and common sense as they play in and around the water.

CBS2's Greg Mills went to the beach Saturday to see if people were heeding lifeguards' advice.

It was just about perfect at Venice Beach -- sunny, 75 degrees, surf from 2-4 feet.

Those perfect conditions are viewed as great for beachgoers -- and a perfect storm for lifeguards.

"That means a lot of rescues for us," said Capt. Eric Howell, an LA County Lifeguard.

By 2 p.m. Saturday, Howell said lifeguards has already made more than 20-25 rescues. Every few minutes it appeared a lifeguard was jumping in the water to save or help someone.

Mills watched as lifeguards went to the aid of Justin Sarpey who was swimming about 75 yards out.

When he got back on day land, Mills asked him if he needed help or was in trouble.

"No," Sarpey said.

With relatively calm waters, lifeguards say many people go out further and take more chances. They will make more than 100 rescues before the afternoon is over -- most for swimmers caught in rip currents.

Mills asked tourist Allison Kiefer is she was aware of the rip currents and what they can do.

"Not at all," she said.

Other dangers also exist.

Two women climbed on the rocks in Laguna Beach and got trapped by high tide. One sustained minor injuries but had to be airlifted.


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