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Are You 'Hungry For Change'?

STUDIO CITY ( — Ready for change?!

Filmmakers and authors, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch visited the KCAL9 studios Monday to discuss their newest documentary film and book (by the same name), "Hungry for Change"!

Unlike fad diets, this book offers the kind of lasting change that will boost energy, make us look and feel better, and break us free of the diet trap and processed food addictions once and for all!

Before they became internationally renowned filmmakers, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch were ordinary people looking for answers in response to a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis for James' father, Roy. James and Laurentine began researching the disease, its causes and treatments in search of an effective path for his recovery.

With the belief that the visual nature of a film was the tool that would have an impact on Roy, they released "Food Matters". Since then, millions have seen the film and countless numbers have transformed their lives with the understanding 'you are what you eat'.

Not long after "Food Matters" first appeared, the couple began receiving notes from viewers of "Food Matters" about struggles with weight and other common symptoms of a poor diet such as bloating, acid reflux, skin irritations food cravings, and addictions to processed foods and sugar, and decided to embark on their latest film, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, which is available on DVD and as a digital download, simultaneous with the book. The book and documentary are available wherever books and films are sold.

1. How to navigate your supermarket
• What to avoid: many of us are addicted to foods (fast food, processed junk food, soda, sugar) that are unhealthy, make us gain weight and feel poorly, and that our bodies are not biologically adapted to.
• What to buy: stick to simple, primarily plant-based foods that are healthy for our bodies, make us feel great, don't make us gain weight, and our bodies are biologically adapted to: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and animal protein of high quality.

2. The truth behind "diet" "sugar-free" and "fat-free" products
• The typical American household spends nearly 90% of its food budget on processed foods including diet and sugar-free, which are unhealthy.
• "Diet soda" for example, chemical sweeteners that can lead to neurological problems and studies show that they also increase carbohydrate cravings and contribute to weight gain.
• "Fat-free" products are loaded with sugar, and make you feel constantly hungry.

3. How to overcome food addictions and cravings:
• Sugar is a drug, and today, on average, we consume 10 times as much sugar as we did a century ago: approximately 22 teaspoons a day!
• The more sugar we consume, the more we crave. Sugar makes us fat, and contributes to chronic disease.
• Becoming aware of our sugar intake, reducing how much we consume, limiting processed foods will curb sugar addication.

4. Why fad diets don't work:
• Our bodies naturally know how to be healthy.
• When we attempt to "trick" our bodies with one diet-scheme or another, our bodies work hard to outsmart the diet as a means to maintain our health.
• As many as two-thirds of those who diet regain more weight than when they started.

5. How to eat for beauty (clear eyes, glowing skin; and healthy hair):
• Harmful cosmetic ingredients
• Eating for beauty means focusing your diet on natural foods high in anti-inflammatory properties and high-levels of antioxidants. These foods include dark green, leafy vegetables and red berries, as well as plenty of aloe vera, arugula, macadamia nuts, olives, cucumbers and radishes, as well as flax and chia seeds, various algae, and plenty of fruits rich in vitamin C..

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