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Are House Calls The Latest Health Craze? Local Doctor Capitalizes On Time-Strapped Angelenos With HomeMD

LOS ANGELES ( —  Living in a place like Los Angeles, with hours spent in traffic and juggling busy work schedules, it's hard to find time to take care your yourself.

Luckily, L.A. is home to some pretty unique health crazes, and as CBS2's Stephanie Simmons reports, the newest one will make you feel right at home.

A writer by profession, Christina Belcher was looking for help getting her creative juices flowing. She turned to Dr. Renee Magana, of homemd.

"I was feeling fatigued, didn't have a lot of energy and also needed a lot of creative energy for writing," Belcher said. "I don't want to waste a half a day that I could be writing in traffic or waiting at a doctor's office, so it's really convenient to do a house call."

Dr. Magana provides basic services like physicals, flu shots, STD screenings and caring for minor injuries, but she specializes in administering vitamin IVs and vitamin injections.

"Homemd is a mobile doctor service. I bring the doctor's office to my patients. I don't mind showing up to a place and not knowing what to expect. That's part of my training for emergency medicine, and I also saw that there was a demand for it," she said.

One of her most common requests is for what she calls the "Jet-Set IV."

"The reason being is that it helps with jet lag because it has high doses of magnesium, high doses of vitamin C, because I can give things like zinc, which is a really potent antioxidant. It helps reset your system," she explained.

The B-12 shot is also a popular request, especially among vegans like Belcher, whose diet leaves her B-12 deficient.

Dr. Magana services patients in Mid-City, to Pacific Palisades, to Hollywood and beyond.

"I can meet you where you're at, whether that be your home, your office. I even went to the set of a video shoot last week, and I was able to service the whole crew," she said.

Homemd is convenient, but not always cheap. It isn't covered by insurance.

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