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Apparent homeless encampment found floating around Ballona Creek

Apparent floating home spotted in Ballona Creek
Apparent floating home spotted in Ballona Creek 02:33

It appears that someone has made their own floating home out in the middle of Ballona Creek. 

After getting a tip from a viewer, KCAL News spotted the apparent homeless encampment on the water in Del Rey near the intersection of Milton Street and McConnell Avenue. While the current moved toward the ocean, the structure — and a canoe attached to it  — remained in place seemingly anchored to the creek bed.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, boating along the waterway is allowed but overnight camping is not.

"We understand the boater may be using the craft during the day, but not staying on it at night," the department said in a statement. "CDFW is in touch with local authorities to be informed of any enforcement that might become necessary."

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works said they manage Ballona Creek and the land surrounding its water. They said the man operating the makeshift craft will be asked to remove it from the water. If he refuses, the department said they will consider getting law enforcement involved to force him off the water and land. 

A Public Works spokesperson said that anyone wishing to launch a boat or other type of watercraft must receive a permit from the county. They said the man does not have a permit. 

It is unclear which law enforcement agency — L.A. County Sheriff's Department or LAPD — will handle the clearing if the man refuses to leave the water.

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