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Another Sandusky Accused Of Sex Crimes Against Children

LOS ANGELES ( — Five years after former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 years in prison for multiple counts of child sexual abuse, another Sandusky is the topic of a shocking headline.

Jeffery Sandusky, 41, one of six adopted children of the former assistant coach, is also accused of sexual crimes against children, according to court documents from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Los Angeles County's Department of Child and Family Services Psychiatrist  Dr. Charles Sophy says it may be shocking, but it's not surprising to see this behavior in someone who was raised by a person committing the same offenses.

"They're blind to their own sickness...they don't get treated," Sophy says.

Dr. Sophy also says Jeffery Sandusky may have even pursued his girlfriend not as a love interest, but for her children, two of whom he's accused of sexually assaulting, during the five years he lived with them.

"Perpetrators go out and see what's vulnerable and who needs someone in their home, needs either the support of finances or some kind of grounding, but really they're seeing what's there at their fingertips," said Sophy.

If a victim isn't treated for abuse, the cycle could continue all over again, Sophy added.

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