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Animal Control Officers Seize Dozens Of Dogs From Studio City Rescue Facility

LOS ANGELES ( — L.A. Animal Services officers have seized nearly 70 dogs from a Studio City shelter, the agency said Saturday.

The dogs were taken Friday from Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail. The shelter's owner was charged with illegal kennel operation and animal neglect, according to L.A. Animal Services.

Some of the dogs suffer from medical conditions, the agency said, and were being examined Saturday for further health problems.

In Facebook posts, Lucky Puppy responded that the dogs were all rescues who otherwise had no hope. They were all elderly, blind, deaf, suffering from cancer, or mothers that were left to die,the post said.

"Anybody that knows me knows my heart and soul are with the seniors and sick dogs," the post said.

In another post, Lucky Puppy said some of the dogs were presumably sent to the same shelter from which they were previously rescued.

"[They] have seized every single one of my babies and taken them back to the very shelter many of them were rescued from," the post said.

CBS2's Jeff Nguyen spoke to people who were turned away from the shelter Saturday.

"They didn't say much," said Tammy Camacho.

There is an emergency pet clinic right next store to the rescue.

Veterinarian Dr. Morgan Cavanaugh says he's treated many of the rescue's dogs.

"Unequivocally, she does a great job for these animals and provides utmost of care," he said.

Rachel Kennedy, who runs Lucky Puppy, told Nguyen she's just trying to care for dogs that are tough to find forever homes for -- she cares for them in their final days rather than put them down.

"These dogs are my life," she says, "and they are my heart. We do this because no one else will."

Nguyen reached out for an interview with Animal Services, but they issued a statement:

"These dogs are in custody and, at this time, unavailable for adoption, foster or transfer," they wrote.

Editor's Note: Lucky Puppy has provided animals for CBS2's Pets2Love segment.

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