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Angelenos struggling to adapt to extreme heat

Angelenos adapting to high heat, attempting to go through daily routines
Angelenos adapting to high heat, attempting to go through daily routines 01:58

Angelenos are feeling the effects of the sweltering heat wave settled over the Southland, as many residents have opted to stay indoors and avoid the triple digit temperatures plaguing the area. 

Outdoor businesses are one of the many businesses impacted by the heat, many of which have reported a drastic decrease in customers just in the last two days, since the heat wave officially began. 

Fourth Street Mill in La Verne, where it was 104 degrees today, is one of those who have noted a decline in clientele, especially for their outdoor seating areas. 

"It's hot. No doubt," said David Davis, one of the few people dining outdoors Thursday evening.

Davis and his wife Susan decided against the norm and enjoyed their meal on the patio, despite the fact that it was still 91 degrees at dusk. 

"It's hot, it's sticky," Susan said. 

Businesses aren't the only ones thinking about the effect the weather is having on their output, as athletic departments throughout the area have struggled to decide whether or not their student athletes will be safe in the extreme heat. 

Damien High School and Pasadena High School still held their scheduled matchup Thursday evening, hoping that the dusk would bring cooler temperatures to their area, even though it was 92 degrees out as the teams warmed up for the contest. 

"If it's dangerously high, our athletic directors do a great job," said Darcy Gutierrez, who had three children playing in the game, two of whom combined for a late fourth quarter touchdown pass.  

Some parents weren't sure if they were comfortable with the choice, but were grateful to hear that the coaches took the necessary steps to ensure their children's health. 

Gutierrez explained that Damien's coaching staff has gone above and beyond in recent days, moving practices to earlier in the day and escaping the peak temperatures.

"I have a sophomore, a junior and a senior out here tonight," said Gutierrez. "As far as my athletes go, it's constant water, constant hydration. We do hydration packets as well. Anything to keep their electrolytes up."

Other spectators made due with makeshift fans and cooled off with some shaved ice as Pasadena downed Damien, 22-15, despite a late comeback effort. 

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