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Purported Kidnappers Of Denise Huskins Email Demand For Police Apology Over Hoax Allegations

VALLEJO ( — A newspaper publication says it has received an email from individuals claiming to be Denise Huskins' kidnappers demanding that police apologize for calling the ordeal a hoax.

A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle received the anonymous emails from the individuals who claim to have abducted Huskins from her boyfriend's Mare Island home on March 23.

As CBS2's Jasmine Viel reports, the latest email arrived Monday and was longer, more elaborate, and even threatening. In it, the alleged kidnappers said they are upset with Vallejo police for calling the ordeal a hoax last week.

"The email that I received saying, 'You know what? The Vallejo police really need to own up to the fact that they made a mistake. They need to apologize to Denise and her boyfriend by noon today or else something bad might happen," Henry Lee, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, said.

Dan Russo, an attorney for Huskins' boyfriend Aaron Quinn, sent CBS2 photographs of Quinn's home showing drill marks he says the alleged kidnappers made to break-in.

Huskins' attorney, Doug Rappaport, shared a long email he received detailing the alleged abductors criminal operation.

"They said that they had entered a number of homes on Mare Island that they had surveilled surreptitiously or hidden cameras that were placed in various locations with drones. With infrared," Rappaport said.

But Lee said: "You have to keep in mind: These emails obviously are more or less gift-wrapped presents for the defense."

Huskins was initially reported kidnapped by Quinn who said she was abducted from his Mare Island home and a ransom demand in the amount of $8,500 was communicated to him.

Days later and hours after Huskins turned up safe in Huntington Beach, Vallejo police expressed doubt that the ordeal was a kidnapping.

CBS2 has made attempts to reach out relatives of Huskins for comment but was unsuccessful. Vallejo police also have not commented on their investigation nor verified the emails in question.

Viel said Vallejo's mayor said the FBI is now handling what is essentially a misdemeanor case involving a charge of filing a false police report.

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