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Airbnb Tightens Restrictions For NYE Rentals In LA

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – With COVID-19 cases on the rise, Airbnb said Monday it will tighten restrictions further in an effort to crack down on New Year's Eve parties in Los Angeles and nationwide.

The home-sharing giant had announced last month that, over New Year's Eve, it would ban one-night reservations for guests without a positive review history. It would also deploy "more stringent restrictions on two-night reservations that may pose heightened risk for disruptive parties."

However, on Monday, Airbnb went a step further, announcing that three-night reservations over New Year's Eve would also face the same "anti-party" restrictions for guests without a positive review history.

Airbnb took the same tact in December of 2020 in an effort to prevent large gatherings and COVID-19 super-spreader over New Year's Eve.

In August of 2020, about five months into the pandemic, Airbnb banned parties and events at listings globally, as well as a 16-person cap. That same summer, L.A. experienced a slew of large house parties in the Hollywood Hills. It prompted Mayor Eric Garcetti to issue a public order authorizing the L.A. Department of Water and Power to shut off utilities at homes which hosted large gatherings, parties or events.

At the time, Airbnb was forced to suspend or remove more than 50 L.A. County rental homes from its app as a result of these parties.

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