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After A Busy Day, Winding Down Is No Easy Task

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — With all the stress of a busy day -- work, family, pick up the kids, errands, taking work home -- unwinding at night is no simple task.

Tonight, CBS2's Suzie Suh explores ways for women to chill, relax and recharge.

From creating a bedtime routine to literally unplugging, she offers some can't miss ideas on how to put the pep back in your step and, more importantly, the importance of putting your feet up.

Georgianna Kelman is one mom with a plate so filled it overflows. "We're spinning so many plates," she shrugs.

This Studio City mother of 3, could give a whirling dervish a run for her money. She's up at 6 to make breakfast, pack lunches, run to her office on the west side (practicing law, no less), return to the home office, run to soccer practice, baseball practice...and just try to get the little ones to bed.

"I wanna watch this!" says one of her brood.

"It's time for bed...let's go!"

Suzie Suh says it's literally living life on fast forward. So many of us do it. But how do we slow it down a bit?

More importantly, we need to slow it down says Dr. Sheri Meyers, an LA Marriage and Family Therapist.  "It's important to de-stress at the end of the day."

She says how you end the day has a big impact on how you start the next one.

"When we get all wound up there are literal chemicals raging through our bodies that keep us wound up so we have to physically do things to unwind."

Says Dr. Meyers, "It's important to take at least 15 minutes a day to do something that feels good to you. It might be getting connected with yourself. So it could be taking in a bath, maybe writing in a journal."

The point is, she stresses, no matter how you pamper yourself, it's important to take time to (forgive the cliche) really need to stop and smell the roses. Literally. "And breathe the air. Take some deep breaths."

Another tip, set your cell phone an hour before you go to sleep as a reminder: It's time to pack it in.

And there isn't anything wrong with a little time management. Make the kid's lunches the day before, for example.

For lack of a better word, the doctor says ... and insists... we all need to sometimes disconnect from responsibilities and iphones and computers and lap tops and

"Remember," she says, "the idea is to force yourself to sometimes just have a dull moment."

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