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AEG Moves To Limit Environmental Lawsuits Over Farmer's Field

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Will developers of a potential football stadium in downtown Los Angeles get special treatment in Sacramento when it comes to environmental law?

KNX 1070's Pete Demetriou reports AEG is asking lawmakers to approve a fast-track provision for lawsuits in the event of any lawsuit on environmental grounds over Farmer's Field.


The State Senate Select Committee on Sports and Entertainment will consider on Friday the traffic and economic impacts involving the construction of the 72,000-seat stadium.

But AEG wants to ensure any challenge against the stadium concerning environmental law would be dealt with in just three months through binding arbitration or a limited court review.

"Personally, I don't think it's a good idea, 'cause once you do that, when are you going to stop?" said one resident. "What are other corporations going to think if they don't get that special treatment?"

AEG officials say the objective is not to short-circuit the legal process, but rather to ensure that frivolous lawsuits won't be used as a roadblock to the project.

The Legislature would have to take this issue up in the next few weeks to avoid any complications.


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