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Advocacy Group Creates Amazon Wish List For Students In Need This Holiday Season

SAN FERNANDO (CBSLA) — Times have been tough for many communities hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Some of Los Angeles Unified School District's most at-risk students are sharing what's on their holiday wish lists.

You won't find many toys or electronics on those lists. Instead, they're asking for things like blankets and sweatshirts, even generators and refrigerators.

For the second year, the public school advocacy group "Parents Supporting Teachers" has made amazon wish lists for the kids at Mission Continuation High School in San Fernando.

The students at Mission High School all have a story of how they got there. Amber Cuellar shares a room with her mom and dad.

Her dad has Parkinson's and her mom has a tumor on her brain stem. They often go weeks without electricity and running water.

Not to be gross or anything but sometimes we'd have to go a week or two without a shower," Amber said.

Holiday's haven't been bright for Cuellar for years.

"Christmas would just be like a normal day, not even like a holiday," Amber said.

The wish lists are filled with heartbreakingly simple items such as umbrellas, toiletries, diapers for siblings and even a toaster oven.

On Amber's wish list, she put mostly clothes saying she's been wearing the same clothes for a year.

"Especially my shoes," she said. "I've had them for almost three years now.

Brianna Cabrera came to Mission after dropping out of school in order to work to pay the bills. She and her three siblings are raised by their grandparents in a small studio apartment. She is hoping to receive more sweaters this year.

Aron Alvarez and his family lived out of their car last year. Eight people slept in one SUV. Now, they are renting a home but there is nothing left in the budget for Christmas.

Aron's wish list is filled with items for his siblings. "I'd like to see them get a few clothes here and there. A few toys."

Receiving the items off the wishlist doesn't just fulfill their needs, they fill the hearts of the students.

"Now just knowing that there are people who would help, not even knowing the whole situation is just honestly so amazing and it makes me want to be a better person," Amber said.

Find the full wish list here.

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