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Activist protest outside new location of Gun World in Burbank

Crowds protest gun stores in Burbank
Crowds protest gun stores in Burbank 01:37

Activists in Burbank made their voices heard Saturday at the opening of a new location of the store Gun World, on Magnolia Boulevard near Screenland Drive. 

Dozens of people showed up outside the opening of the store, frustrated and concerned about not just the number of stores selling guns in Burbank, but Gun World's proximity to Roosevelt Elementary school. 

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"It's gone too far, it's gone too far," said activist Anton Tremblay, "and it seems like there's no end in sight. It doesn't matter how many kids get killed, just get more and more guns on the street and less and less people care, less and less laws." 

Another protestor said she'd like to see the City of Burbank curb the number of store that sell guns. 

"For the city, I would love to see them limit the gun stores," said Candace, who only gave her first name. "I don't know if they need to buy them out, move them out, but we need less. There's too many. It's been allowed to go on too long. I would love to see for something to change in the code where...this is a street like any other store. You don't see strip clubs in Burbank. You don't see dispensaries, but you see this." 

Gun World is one of 14 businesses that sell firearms in the city and, according to activists, that's more per capita than almost anywhere else in the nation. 

The Burbank City Attorney said that officials are already working with the police department on a study to identify their potential options for what referred to as a complicated national issue. 

For its part, Gun World released a statement that it had previously provided to CBSLA when asked for comment on this same issue that reads:

"Gun World has been serving the San Fernando Valley for 36 years. We have been located in Burbank for 22 years. We help support and supply law enforcement and security personnel with the equipment they need to safely perform their duties. We provide the public with a means to protect their family and enjoying shooting sports. Our company Supports law enforcement fundraisers as well as local youth sports teams. We are part of the Burbank Community. We are your  neighbors, business owners, veterans, spouses, parents, and coaches. We have deep roots in Burbank and care greatly about the safety of our staff and our city. At our new facility we look forward to continuing our service to the Burbank Community and the County of Los Angeles." 

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