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Arraignment Postponed For Alleged 'Masonic Police' Chief

SAN FERNANDO ( — The alleged head of a phony police department whose leaders claimed to be descendants of the Knights Templar had his arraignment postponed Thursday.

David Inkk Henry, 47, faces three felony counts of perjury by declaration and three misdemeanors counts of impersonating an officer following his arrest earlier this month on suspicion of impersonating police officers through their roles in the "Masonic Fraternal Police Department" (MFPD).

He appeared at the San Fernando Courthouse wearing what appeared to be a traditional Freemason chain collar reportedly worn by members of the secretive group.

A judge postponed Henry's arraignment until June 30.

Henry, a resident of Santa Clarita, could face up to seven years in county jail if convicted as charged.

Prosecutors say other alleged MFPD members Brandon Kiel and Tonette Denise Hayes also face misdemeanor counts of impersonating an officer and one misdemeanor count of unlawful use of ID.

Kiel was later identified as an aide to California Attorney General Kamala Harris. The state Justice Department said Kiel has been placed on administrative leave, but declined to provide further comment.

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