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Abandoned Vehicles Left Littering Streets Of Los Angeles As Officials Struggle To Resolve Concerns

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Many business owners are frustrated about abandoned cars left littering the streets of Los Angeles.

Several city ordinances put in place because of the economic toll the pandemic has had, leading to people using their cars as temporary housing, have not yet been changed.

Auvi Ibgui opened Hype LA, a high-end sneaker shop in Studio City five months ago, and says there has been a vehicle outside of his store for some time now without anyone living inside.

"It's upsetting because nobody is in it," Ibgui said. "Nobody's in there, windows busted, there are like pillows blankets inside, it's dirty, it smells. It's not good for any of these businesses down here."

In this particular case, businesses have been pushing the vehicle down the block away from their entrances after officials and police said they were unable to remove it because of housing rules.

Further into the Valley, it's not just one unsightly car but rather, numerous RVs.

One business owner told CBS2/KCAL 9 that one month they had a $600 water bill because of an outside faucet that was being used.

Signs are clearly posted saying large vehicles like RVs cannot park overnight, yet they remain there.

"I just think the city doesn't know what to do with them anymore," one resident said.

Tow truck companies, which may get paid for the tow, said they don't get reimbursed for the disposal when an owner doesn't pick up their vehicle.

As for the cost of sending an abandoned RV to the junkyard, that's about $1,000, so for many tow truck companies, transporting the unsightly vehicles may be too expensive.

If someone believes a vehicle is abandoned and that there is no evidence of it being used as a dwelling, they can report it to the L.A. City Department of Transportation hotline 1-800-ABANDON and the local parking enforcement office will begin enforcement action including possible impound in accordance with the city's policies.
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