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A Look Back: The Best LA Styles And Trends Of 2011

From the red carpet to the storefronts of Melrose Avenue, it was hard to deny the important role Los Angeles played in shaping the world's sense of style in 2011. Let's take a look at hottest trends and the best places to snag the looks that LA fashionistas deemed as must-haves.


Striped Shirt
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Every other shirt, dress or skirt this year had stripes. Horizontal or vertical, skinny or bold, this pattern has a way of drawing attention to its wearer and begs on-lookers to read between the lines. Geometric stripes add another level of fun, making this look bold and bright.

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Animal Prints

Zebra and leopard prints have been around for a while, but they dominated LA in 2011. There was a surge in animal prints on shoes and accessories, especially handbags and scarves.  Mixing and matching the prints created a look that roared for attention.

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Nude Footwear

Nude Color Pumps
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Every fashion event this year held one common theme: nude footwear. Instead of the default black or silver shoe, designers turned to this versatile color to simmer a bright outfit or complement a neutral ensemble. All shoe stores were selling a nude pump in 2011 and it's now a staple in every woman's closet.

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History isn't the only thing that has ways of repeating itself; fashion can also by cyclical. Rompers were very popular in the 80s and now LA has made sure they're back in full swing. When the weather is hot, shorts and tanks are an easy option, but the romper is a comfy-chic way to spice up the summer season. This adaptable look can be worn for a day of running errands to dinner with the girls because rompers give you an instant top and bottom without the fuss of putting together an outfit. Considered the short version of a jumpsuit, ladies can romp around town freely without worrying about the wind blowing their skirts up in a Marilyn Monroe moment.

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High-low skirts

A new trend to hit LA's fashion scene in 2011 was the high-low skirt. This mullet-style skirt allows its wearers to show some skin and still have a conservative edge. It's a twist on the standard skirt and can be worn by anyone. Seen on the red carpet and LA's hottest clothing stores, this trend won't disappear anytime soon and is the look to wear for the girl who wants to spring forward and fall back.

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Stacey Gardner is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at

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