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Only On CBSLA: Digital Disaster Leads To Dodger Dog Delivery Problems

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - A digital disaster had some fans Monday crying foul as many were unable to order their beloved Dodger dogs on Game Day as the LA Dodgers are set to take on the San Francisco Giants.

Christian Martinez is the director of operations for Byte to Byte, the exclusive maker of Home Plates, an online restaurant that serves all the Dodger fan-favorite foods from its eight kitchens in Southern California.

Home Plates started in August and serves Dodger dogs, nachos, french fries, and all the stadium staples fans love that they get to eat at home!

They were stocked up and ready to go but the Postmates app said drivers weren't available.

"Checking with our tech team we were open the whole time so we're not really sure where the glitch came from," Martinez told CBSLA Monday.

On the Dodgers website Monday, which links to Postmates, it said there were no drivers and the Dodger dog was unavailable. 

"For some reason, the apps are saying no drivers. Unfortunately, we don't run that part of it so we were limited in what we could do for it," added Martinez.

The company, which has 27 brands of online restaurants, said they only had a third of the deliveries they usually have on the weekends— for Home Plates— and with this being a major game in the series, they were expecting way more.

"We do have drivers! Absolutely! 100 percent," added Martinez. "So we're ready to go!"

Postmates representatives said they are trying to figure out how the glitch happened and get it solved quickly because a Dodger dog is just what fans need to cheer the team to victory.

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