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A Day After Resigning, Deasy Defends Record As LAUSD Superintendent

LOS ANGELES ( — A day after resigning, the now-former superintendent of the LAUSD John Deasy defended his record and blasted his critics.

During a teleconference call for the group Students Matter, Deasy told reporters Friday that he does not believe the MiSiS and iPad program troubles contributed to his departure.

"I actually think they played no role, so I think that the opportunity to give youth living in the circumstance of poverty, technology, is hardly a bad thing, nor is feeding them, and nor is providing them an outstanding highly effective teacher," Deasy said.

Deasy's tenure as head of the second-largest school district in the nation has been mired in controversy.

Plagued by stumbling blocks, his billion-dollar signature project to put iPads in the hands of every student was eventually halted.

More recently, the new school year got off to a rocky start as students had trouble enrolling in the right classes and administrators struggled to fix problems with the district's new software, MiSiS.

Deasy says he plans to decide on his next move by the holidays.

"… I'm not going to speak about them specifically, but I will give you the general topics. One would be youth corrections as an area of criminal justice," he said. "Another would be working and supporting the development of superintendents and the third would be a consideration of political office."


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