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96-Year-Old Videotapes Caregiver Neglect, Faces Eviction Over Dispute

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Ninety-six year old Sally Kelly is unable go to the bathroom without help — in fact, she needs help with all of her daily needs after two strokes and two broken hips.

A video shows her waiting for help when needing to the bathroom for 58 minutes — the video camera stops recording after about an hour.  Her daughter says it took more than two hours for a caregiver services that they are paying for to respond. She says this isn't the only time this has happened.

Another recording, a couple of months later, shows her waiting 38 minutes before the recording stops.

"Cameras are catching them not coming and performing services," her daughter Audrey Kelly said.

Audrey says her mother mounted clearly visible security cameras in her apartment at the City View Senior living facility for her own safety — and, she says, the video shows her mother is not receiving the desperately needed services that she's paying for.

"Everything from her calling for help and no one coming for hours, prompting me to call several times and they still don't come after I call," Audrey said. "They don't show up for showers 95 percent of the time so I have to do it, they don't show up to dress her in the morning, provide her grooming in the morning."

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Audrey says the facility's executive director accused her and her mother of committing a criminal offense by using the cameras and ordered her to take them down.

Audrey contacted the LAPD and received an email which states there is no law broken with the use of cameras in the privacy of your own home.

"The irony being they're calling her a criminal and she has been in law enforcement her entire life."

In fact, when she was much younger,  Sally Kelly was a detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Audrey says she is demanding that her mother's account be credited for all of the services she has not received. The facility's response: Just a few days ago they served her with an eviction.

The former sheriff's detective's says she's not backing down.

"We won't get rid of the cameras," Sally said.

"She's scared she's upset rightfully so, she doesn't understand why they wont credit her account when they know she has these cameras that have caught them red-handed and she doesn't understand why on the eve of the holidays would they be so cruel," her daughter said.


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