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9 Best 'Crying Jordan' Memes On The Internet Right Now

LOS ANGELES ( — The "Crying Jordan" meme has taken the Internet by storm ever since its emergence after his infamous Hall of Fame speech in 2012.

For those who are unfamiliar, Michael Jordan shed some tears at his NBA Hall of Fame induction, and ever since then, no one on the Internet is safe from being "Crying Jordaned"


If you make a mistake, lose a game or do anything bad, you are at risk to be Crying Jordaned

Essentially, all it takes is someone with decent photo-editing skills to plaster this face on anyone.

Here are the all-time best Crying Jordan meme's of all-time.

James Harden Beard Crying Jordan

This meme surfaced after the Rockets lost their first game against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs.

It was Harden's first playoff game since the 2012 Finals in which he did not attempt a free throw.

The creativity of this Crying Jordan is impressive. Harden's "Fear the Beard" slogan took a little bit of a hit with this one.

Lakers Sports Illustrated Cover Crying Jordan

Who can forget this infamous Sports Illustrated cover featuring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard on the cover with the caption "This is going to be fun"?

The issue came out after the Lakers had just acquired the two players and were expected to contend for an NBA title for seasons to come.

Needless to say, both Nash and Howard could not have had more miserable stints in Los Angeles, and it certainly was not fun.

I applaud the Lakers effort for trying to build a super team, but man, if a magazine cover ever deserved the Crying Jordan treatment, it's this one.


Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch Crying Jordan

Remember when the sketch artist who was tasked with drawing the scene inside the courtroom during Tom Brady's hearings with the NFL took some serious heat for the depiction of Brady?

The sketch received heavy backlash on Twitter because the drawing certainly did not look like Tom Brady.

The Internet always wins, and not long after the drawing came out, someone Crying Jordaned the drawing.



Exaggerator (the horse) Crying Jordaned after finishing second in Kentucky Derby

This is just cruel, but the photo-editing is so impressive that I had to include this.

After barely losing the Kentucky Derby to Nyquist, Exaggerator was not exempt from the Crying Jordan treatment, despite, you know, being of a different species and all.

This just proves that NO ONE is safe.


Jordan Spieth Masters Crying Jordan

Look at the detail of this doozy. After Jordan Spieth's historically epic collapse at the 2016 Masters, the Internet made his life even worse by making one of the most impressive Crying Jordan's out there.

After looking like a sure thing to lock up the Masters title, Spieth had an abysmal 12th hole (pictured below) and after his quadruple-bogey, he was unable to recover and ended up losing the tournament.

A+ for creativity here.


Mets Lose World Series Crying Jordan

The Mets "Home Run Apple" took a serious 'L' after the team lost in the World Series.

The Royals defeated the Mets, and rather than going after individual Mets, one Twitter user choose to troll the team in a different way.


Ronda Rousey Isn't Immune From Crying Jordan

The previously undefeated UFC superstar had never been subject to the Crying Jordan treatment before.

That is until she suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Holly Holm.

Rousey was brutally knocked out, lost her UFC title belt, and got Crying Jordaned on the same night. Safe to say she's had better days.



Vikings Kicker Misses GW Field Goal vs Seahawks In NFL Playoffs

Blair Walsh had a chance to give the Vikings an NFL playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks in the final seconds of the NFC Wild Card Game.

All he had to do was hit a 27-yard field goal, a chip shot for NFL kickers.

Despite not being blocked, Walsh simply missed the kick, causing his team to lose the game and the Internet to give him the Crying Jordan treatment.

Michael Jordan Himself Gets Crying Jordaned

Perhaps my favorite set of memes surfaced after the Villanova Wildcats defeated the North Carolina Tarheels in the 2016 NCAA Championship Game.

Jordan, a UNC alumnus, was in the stands to watch, and after his team lost on a buzzer-beater by Villanova, the Internet went wild.

Everything Jordan-related got Crying Jordan treatment. Just take a look:





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