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7-year-old becomes social media icon with his fantastic fashion designs

7-year-old designer takes fashion world by storm
7-year-old designer takes fashion world by storm 06:12

With a big simile and an even bigger passion, a pint-sized designer has taken over social with a stitch. 

"I've been sewing for three years," said designer Max Alexander. "I was four. Now, I'm seven."

Alexander is the newest designer to hit the world of fashion — and yes he's only 7 years old.

"I had a dream I was making a dress," the 7-year-old said. "I thought of it and then at dinner, I said I was a dress designer."

Remarked by her son's dream, Sherri Madison said her son asked for a mannequin before saying "I'll show you I'm a dressmaker." The stunned mother did just that, making him a child-sized mannequin out of cardboard.

"He just grabbed some scraps from my studio and started pulling them together and out comes this big dress and like 'what is happening,'" said Madison. 

Alexander added that in his dream he saw another famous designer, Paolo Gucci.

"I knew I was Gucci," said Alexander as he worked on another one of his pieces. 

Max Alexander, a 7-year-old designer, channels his inner Gucci while crafting a golden dress.  KCAL News

The child's workspace is filled with designs that he loves to share. 

"I create a dress in my head and I use fabrics that are similar, or the same, to make that," said Alexander. 

Although he may not have the words to articulate his thoughts, his vision is clear and making the rounds with famous clients. He's already commissioned dozens of designs for children and celebrities, including actress Sharon Stone. 

"She's probably the nicest celebrity in Hollywood," said Madison. "She paid for the jacket before it was even cut. Such a big fan and super kind."

Madison's son has sold dozens of pieces, which are now selling for a whopping $1,400 each. 

"We have a family rule where he donates a third to whatever cause he chooses, saves a third for the future and then the third-third he can spend on materials or whatever he wants," Madison said. 

But as talented as he is, it's his Instagram page that put him on the map. At first, his account started as a way to show his grandparents his growing hoppy, however, it captured the hearts of 1.6 million strangers who gifted many of the sewing gadgets to Alexander — who admits he likes the machines almost as much as his designs. 

His popularity coupled with his creativity has earned him an invitation to New York Fashion Week, where he will craft a swimsuit line for a pop-up show. 

"Max just told us, 'I think women need to be fancy at the pool, in the ocean,'" said Madison. "'Like why aren't they doing that?'"

With this thought in mind, Alexander created a whole new type of swimwear which includes a puffy-sleeved bathing suit under seven layers. To help craft his designs, the successful first-grader employed a team of seamstresses. 

"His whole thing is he wants women to feel beautiful," said Madison. "That's what he says all the time, 'I want women to feel beautiful.'"

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