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6 Ways To Pamper New Moms On Mother's Day

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While every Mother's Day is special for its own unique reasons, there is something especially monumental about being celebrated as a mommy for the very first time. There are lots of opportunities to help her reconnect with what she enjoyed before pregnancy, or to give her an opportunity to get into a new groove in her special new role. This list offers some suggestions, but it's just a starting place. If you're still at a loss for how to take care of that special lady who is taking care of so much, just ask her what she needs. Every new mom is different, and every new mom should have the opportunity to feel uniquely special.

yoga at home
(credit: Kandis Does Yoga)

Yoga At Home
Kandis Does Yoga

For thousands of years, yoga has helped people relax, sleep better, learn more about themselves, calm their nerves, and get in shape. What better gift for a frazzled new mom than to receive those gifts through a yoga session in her very own home? Kandis Tagliabue has been teaching yoga for a long time, so you know your lady will be in good hands. Kandis is also a Reiki master and does sound healing as well, so you can add on a bunch of extra treats, all without asking your special someone to even put on her shoes. Set up an appointment via the contact form on Kandis' website.

Homecooked meal
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A Homemade Meal

If you're gifting for a new mom, she already has a lot on her plate, but she probably won't be upset if you add in a homemade meal. Whip up a home-made favorite, or get a little help from meal delivery services like Blue Apron. They'll provide all the ingredients. You'll only need to wash, chop and cook. If she has dietary restraints, Hungry Root provides vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options (and meals are ready in seven minutes), and Sun Basket's choices are organic, non-GMO, and customizable for many diet preferences. MyTable connects locals to vetted home cooks; check the site for what's good in your area.

cranio sacral Glen Ivy Day Spa
(credit: Glen Ivy Day Spa)

A Healthy Adjustment
Glen Ivy Hot Springs
25000 Glen Ivy Rd
Corona, CA 92883
(888) 453-6489

Craniosacral therapy uses a very light touch on the tissue and bones of the head, and at the top and base of the spine, to release blockages that restrict the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. This gentle adjustment that can help relieve migraines, tension and chronic neck and back pain. Infant care can be hard on the back: hunching over to feed baby, leaning over a crib or bouncy seat to play, bending to pick up Baby one thousand times a day; a craniosacral session is just the thing to put a spring back in Mommy's step! Glen Ivy offers 50 minute sessions for $100, and 80 minute sessions for $160. Even better? While she's at the spa, she can enjoy Glen Ivy's natural hot springs, pools and mud room, too.

Newborn Portraits
(credit: Caroline Tran)

Mommy & Me Portraits
Caroline Tran

The inimitable bond between a mother and her baby is unique, and it changes a little with every milestone. It might remain strong across an entire lifetime, but it's particularly magical in those early days. Document the joy with an extra special portrait session, highlighting the new mom and newborn, together. Caroline Tran is again offering her extremely popular Mommy and Me mini portrait sessions for 2016. Each appointment is 20 minutes and includes 20 photos. Mom and Baby will be thankful for it for their entire lives. Sessions start at $500. Contact the studio for appointment times.

What She Wanted During Pregnancy
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Something She Wanted to do During Pregnancy

Nine months of gestation is hard work! There is no greater reward at the end of that long haul, but let's face it: pregnancy is many months of deprivation in order to give your little human the very best beginning. For her first Mother's Day, why not reward the new mom with an experience she expressed some interest in, now that the baby is on the outside? Surfing or skydiving lessons? Gymnastics or circus classes? Maybe a whiskey or wine tasting, if you can line up a sitter for the evening? Show her you've been paying attention, and surprise her with an opportunity has been longing to try.

(credit: Joyfully Crafted Shop)

Give A Heartwarming Keepsake
Joyfully Crafted Shop

Those baby years go by so fast. Hold onto the memories with a personalized necklace from JoyfullyCraftedShop, on Etsy. They'll capture a moment in time, as your tiny baby's tiny feet are etched into a tiny silver charm Mom can wear close to her heart forever. All it takes is a scanned photo of your baby's feet. The shop also makes handprint charms. Silver personalized charm necklaces are $58. Trust us when we say this is a gift she'll love now, and will appreciate even more as the years go on.

Article by Arianna Armstrong.
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