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6 Injured In New Year's Crash When DUI Driver Slams Into Uber

FAIRFAX DISTRICT (CBSLA) — Six people were hurt when a DUI driver slammed into an Uber carrying a full car of passengers in the Fairfax District early Monday morning.

The crash happened in the 7400 block of W. Melrose Ave. just before 3 a.m.

Police say the intoxicated driver of a black Mercedes SUV slammed into a Toyota Prius before running into a shoe store. The car then flipped over and landed on the roof, but the driver still managed to get out of the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene.

"He got out like completely okay," said witness-turned-good Samaritan Dovi Levin.

After witnessing the accident happen, Levin, as well as a couple of tow truck drivers, pulled over to go check on the people in the Prius. That's when they say the DUI driver tried to make a run for it.

"We noticed him book down the alley way, just run," said Levin. "So we all ran after him because we were not about to let him get away with that."

The good Samaritans were able to chase down the intoxicated driver, holding him until police arrived.

The driver of the Mercedes also caused an earlier crash near the Magic Castle in Hollywood, hitting several parked cars. However, no one was reported injured as a result of that crash.

According to police, the driver of the Mercedes was arrested and booked for felony DUI.

At the time of this report, four of the six people injured in the accident were in critical condition.

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