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Video shows 50 people loot an auto store in South Los Angeles

Looters target AutoZone store in South LA
Looters target AutoZone store in South LA 00:45

An auto parts store was looted by around 50 people overnight in South Los Angeles.

Authorities said the group broke the glass and entered the AutoZone store just before 4 a.m. on Monday at Century Boulevard and Hoover Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department Officer.

Video shows cans and other items dropped outside the store as the suspects tried to get away.

Officers pursued one vehicle to Pepper Street and Sycamore Avenue in El Segundo where one suspect, a 24-year-old man, was taken into custody, police said. He was booked on felony evading and investigators plan to add felony burglary to his list of charges.

Wayne Mueller, a security contractors who maintains the alarm and security camera systems at the store says that the looters left behind a huge mess.

"They seemed to steal everything but the 10mm sockets," Mueller said. "Just miscellaneous tools, batteries, extension cords. Basically whatever they could grab, no rhyme or reason."

A street takeover was happening in the area, but it is not confirmed that all the people involved in the loot came from the takeover.

The intersection outside of the store could be seen blackened with tire marks. One video from the scene shows people running in and out of the store while tires screech in the background. 

Neighbors say that street takeovers are an unfortunately common occurrence in the area but that police have started to make noticeable efforts to curb the incidents.

"Now, it happens less because the helicopters come," said one woman. "Then, the police come and put the sirens on and they will force them to move out of the area. So, they're starting to ticket them more."

Vernon Harris, who has lived in the area for decades, says that he's worried that history will repeat itself after witnessing the aftermath of the 1992 riots on South LA. 

"They provide jobs to the community," Harris said on AutoZone. 

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