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5 Tallest Buildings In The Entire World

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There are many big cities around the world, all with their own collection of skyscrapers. Only a select few cities can claim that they are home to some of the world's tallest buildings in the world. Many of these megabuildings offer everything from residential spaces to retail spaces and hotel accommodations to offices. All serve a purpose and all have become a part of top commerce locations around the world.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock
Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, referred to as Burj Dubia before its inauguration, is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and lives up to its classification as a megatall skyscraper. This skyscraper is the tallest in the world and reaches 2,722 feet. When it opened in 2010, the Burj Khalifa was part of a new development called Downtown Dubai and was designed to be the centerpiece of the mixed-use development. The Y-shape of the building was designed to be used for both residential and hotel guests. If you want to see the world from the top of this building you can book tickets to the top.

In addition to being the tallest building in the world, this structure broke many worldwide records. Other records Burj Khalifa broke in 2010 included:

  • Tallest existing structure
  • Tallest structure ever built
  • Tallest free standing structure
  • Tallest skyscraper – to top of spire and top of antenna
  • Building with the most floors (there's 163)
  • Building with world's highest occupied floor
  • World's highest elevator installation
  • World's longest travel distance for elevators
  • World's tallest building with residential space
  • World's highest observation deck (including one with an outdoor observation deck)
  • World's highest nightclub
  • World's highest restaurant
  • World's highest New Year fireworks display
  • World's second highest swimming pool (it's on the 76th floor)

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Ping An Finance Centre
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Ping An Finance Centre

The Ping An Finance Centre, also referred to as the Ping An IFC, stands more 1,965 feet over the city of Shenzen in China. This 115-story megatall skyscraper was is designed to be part of the Central Business District. This building will house everything from office space to retail spaces and hotel accommodations to a high-end shopping mall. Visitors will be able to find everything they need within the walls of this breathtaking structure. To accommodate the traffic expected, there are 33 double-decker elevators throughout the building. There is a second part of this building, which will including a south tower with a ridge connecting the two. This second phase is expected to be completed by 2018.

Photo Credit: VCG/Getty Images
Photo Credit: VCG/Getty Images

Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is located in Shanghai, China and reaches 2,073 feet high. This building, which was built in 2015, has 137 stories designed with tiered construction. This design was to help offer the highest level of efficiency. The Shanghai Tower is used for office, retail and leisure space. By the time construction was complete the cost to complete the Shanghai Tower was $2.4 million (U.S.).

The unique style of this building features nine cylindrical buildings that are stacked atop each other. Along with twisting layers which allow for plenty of space for business and pleasure, there are also gardens, restaurants, cafes and retail shops at the Shanghai Tower. The building also offers plenty of 360-degee views of the city from many areas of the tower.

Lotte World Tower
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Lotte World Tower

Coming in a 1,832 feet tall, the Lotte World Tower is a 123-floor skyscraper that finished external construction earlier this year. Located in Seoul, Korea, this building is currently the tallest building in the OECD. The building is accessible by the Seoul Subway Lines #2 and #8 at the Jamsil Station. Floor plans for this structure allow room for retail outlets, offices, residences, hotel accommodations and an observation deck.

Photo Credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images
Photo Credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Abrai Al-Bait Clock Tower is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and is the focal point of the Abraj Al Bait Complex, which is part of King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project. This is the iconic symbol for hospitality in the Holy City. The hotel is operated by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and welcomes millions of pilgrims who visit annually and travel to Mecca.

The Clock Tower, which was built in 2012 and is a towering 1,971 feet tall, features 1542 guest room suites and residences that are part of a five-star hotel. In addition to the luxury accommodations, the tower is home to a health center, business center, meeting spaces, a ballroom, a media room and a live translation room. There is even a five-story shopping mall within the building.

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one world trade center new york city
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Even More Buildings

Other buildings worth mentioning with heights taller than 1500 Feet include One World Trade Center in New York City, CTF Finance Centre in China, Taipei 101 in Tawiwan, Shanghai World Finance Center in China and the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong.

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