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5 Polytechnic High School Students Accepted To MIT

SUN VALLEY ( — Five students from Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley have been accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kevin Escobar Rodriguez, Andrew Koh, Raymundo Cano, GiMin Choi, and William Lopez-Cordero have been taking advanced magnet courses throughout their high school careers.

"I [saw] the first three lines…'Congratulations…you got admitted.' I just shrieked like a little girl," Rodriguez said.

CBS2's Stephanie Simmons asked the seniors what they wanted to do with their lives.

"I want to create my own start-up. Eventually, my large picture goal is to become CEO," Choi said.

"I'm interested in either becoming a mechanic engineer…I'm really interested in working for NASA," Lopez-Cordero said.

"I'm interested in becoming a mathematician…maybe an engineer," Cano said.

In addition to MIT, Cano was also accepted to five Ivy League schools, including Harvard and Yale.

The high schoolers may be making the trek to the East Coast together, but they've established some boundaries.

"We will try to get into the same dorm and like, stay away from rooming together, but still stay on the same floor, so we can hang out," Rodriguez said.

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