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5 Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

By Deb Flomberg

They always say that the best gifts are handmade, and it’s true. Whether you have a ton of artistic skill or you’re just finally trying your hand at a crafting day – there are many fun and easy things you can do to show mom that you care. Crafting with the kids is also a great way to make some special gifts together while you create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime to come. So forget another gift card or Mother’s Day scarf, and try your hand at one of these homemade gift ideas this year.

Print Art

Here’s a very simple craft idea that you can do with young children for mom on Mother’s Day: Help your kiddos leave a fingerprint or thumb print on a flower pot (use non-toxic, child-safe paint) or canvas, or even a tote bag or mug. Then spend some time with your children turning those fingerprints and thumbprints into art. Make animals or pretty butterflies out of the prints, or use them to spell out mom’s name or create a fun design. There is no one-way to do this, and you can gift mom with something extra special, because the art was made from her child’s own prints.

Photo Cube

If you’re looking for a fun way to gift some special photos, a photo cube is very easy to make and requires only a few extra supplies. You can pick up a wooden cube at any local craft store. Then grab a jar of Mod Podge - an inexpensive acrylic sealer – and a paintbrush or two. Simply arrange the photos you would like to use on the wooden cube and cover with a layer of the Mod Podge. Let dry and repeat. This technique is called decoupage, and it’s a fun way to create a lasting gift out of photos. Don’t want to use a cube? You can also do this with all sorts of fun shapes. Pick up wooden letters using the first initial of each of her children, then use photos from that child on each letter.

Spa Basket

What mom wouldn’t love her own basket filled with spa treats and gifts to help provide a day of pampering? Fill a pretty basket with all of the things she loves. Grab some scented lotions, bubble bath, bath bombs, a luxurious towel and a bathrobe. You can even make some homemade sugar scrubs featuring scents that she loves. All it takes is some coconut oil, granulated white sugar and any essential oil you think she’d love. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave, mix with the sugar and add the essential oils (just a few drops will go a very long way.) Mix together and place in a pretty mason jar with a ribbon. Make a few small jars with a bunch of different scents in honor of a special memory or anything else she’d love. 

Personalized Towels

Does your mom have a saying or two that has always stuck with you? You know - that one quote that you find yourself repeating, “my mom always says…” Here’s a fun way to show her that you’ve been listening. Instead of gifting some monogramed towels, stencil that saying onto them. Use fabric paint and some good stencils to make sure the towels look great. Try a matching set with a couple of her best mom-isms, or put them on a mug or even stitched onto a pillow (for those of you that sew.) Just showing mom that you’ve been listening this whole time will really provide her with a wonderful Mother’s Day treat.

Recipe Box

There is something very special about documenting family recipes, and it’s even more special when you do it the old-fashioned way, with note cards in a pretty box. Sure, there are apps for that now, and it seems like almost everyone these days keeps their recipes online, but embrace the old-school charm of a traditional recipe box. Pull together all your favorite family recipes and write them by hand onto some note cards, then spend some time decorating a beautiful box. Be sure to include plenty of room for more recipes you’ll create together in the future. If you’ve got some time, you can even engrave the box or burn her name into it using a woodburning kit. However you decorate it, she’ll love this beautiful way to capture all your family recipes. 

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