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47-Year-Old Man Arrested 3 Times By Glendale PD In 16 Hour Span

GLENDALE (CBSLA) - While people across Los Angeles were cheering the Rams on during Sunday's Super Bowl, police said one man went on a crime spree, getting arrested three times in one day.

James Langdon
47-year-old James Langdon. (credit: Glendale Police Dept.)

Instead of enjoying the game himself, 47-year-old James Langdon was running around Glendale wrapping up a 16 hour long crime spree, where he was arrested three separate times and released the first two times.

In all, Glendale Police had to respond three separate times to Langdon's escalating crimes.

"It is frustrating," said Glendale Police Sgt. Christian Hauptmann.

It started at Colorado and Louise Streets, when officers said they saw Langdon pacing around a parking lot at three in the morning and darting through a crosswalk against a red light. They said he ran from officers and struggled with them, which was when he was arrested for obstructing.

The 47-year-old then said he was hurt and he was taken to a hospital.

"A couple of hours after that, we get another call," Sgt. Hauptmann said.

This time, an employee of an auto body shop found Langdon creeping around the inside of the business.

" the office, trying to access a room that was locked with a screwdriver in his hand," Hauptmann said.

Police again arrested him for trespassing, but because of zero-bail policies implemented by District Attorney George Gascón, Langdon was back out on the street and inside someone's apartment within a few more hours.

Crime Spree 2
The apartment building where Langdon eventually barricaded himself in against police. Feb. 17, 2022 (CBSLA)

"He had actually gone and put their clothes on, was drinking alcohol in their apartment, making a mess, destroying things," Hauptmann said.

Police said Langdon did $6,000 worth of damage inside the apartment before the victims found him. He then locked himself inside the apartment and police standoff ensued.

"Nobody's getting prosecuted for lower level crimes and what happens is then they commit higher level crimes," said LA County Deputy DA Jon Hatami.

Hatrami said this situation was a perfect example of why Gascón's controversial directives, like not even charging people like Langdon for crimes like obstruction or trespassing, allows criminals to keep doing what they're doing until something really bad happens.

"If you're allowing someone to commit three crimes in a 16 hour span and, you know, basically, terrorize people in Glendale without any public safety concern, and I don't think George Gascón cares," Hatami said.

The third time, Langdon was arrested for felony vandalism and burglary and remains in jail on $150,000 bail, which Hatami said came as a surprise to him.

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