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34 Percent Of Polled Moviegoers Want Armed Guards In Movie Theaters

BURBANK ( — The most recent movie theater shooting in Nashville has raised questions regarding theater safety all across the nation.

Vicente David Montano, 29, was killed by SWAT team members after allegedly wielded a hatchet, pepper spray and a pellet gun in a movie theater in Nashville.

While the recent movie violence hasn't stopped moviegoers from going to the theater, some are now going with a little extra caution.

"Now every time I go to the movies, my mom warns be about (the violence), to just always be careful and keep an eye out, because it's happening more frequently now," moviegoer Daniela Morales said.

A recent study by Beverly Hills-based C4 Research and Development says some moviegoers would support more and tighter security.

While 75 of 250 said they feel "very safe" in movie theaters, 35% say they think all bags and purses should be searched for guns and weapons.

34% of moviegoers say theater visitors should have to go through a metal detector, and that there should be armed guards present in theater lobbies.

Some, however, had mixed feelings over this prospect.

"Again, that's just going to remind people that it's not safe," moviegoer John Epperson said. "The more people are paranoid, the worse things get."

Only 13%, however, said they would be willing to pay $3 more for extra security.

Former police officer and security expert Garry Wong told CBS2 Wednesday gave tips on how to be safe when you're in the movie theater.

Wong advises picking a seat near the back, so that you can more easily see your surroundings and identify exits.

"You just want to make sure you have a way of getting out," Wong said.

On the rare occasion your would hear gunshots in the theater, Wong advises three steps to remember:

  • Run if you can.
  • Hide, remain silent, turn your cellphone off.
  • Fight, if the shooter approaches you.

Theathers, considering the increase in security, have already started drills.

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