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B. Toffee Founder Shares Creative Ways To Entertain Using Toffee

STUDIO CITY ( —It's award season again and that means award parties!

B. toffee founder, Betsy Thagard, stopped by KCAL9 to showcase five Emmy-worthy ways to entertain with B. toffee.

Toffee is loved by itself, but Betsy knows how to create events revolving around using it in a creative way.

1) B. toffeetini

This is a couture cocktail, the delectable B. toffeetini.

Grab your girls, a bottle of your favorite vodka, and some B. toffee.


Shot of espresso

2 oz. of Van Gogh vanilla vodka

1 oz. toffee sauce

B. toffee bits

2) Toffee-covered Strawberries

Pick up some fresh strawberries and sour cream for dipping - finish with a dip in a bowl of B. bits! Voila!

3)  B. Brownies

Add B. toffee bits to your favorite Brownie mix - you can mix our toffee right into the batter and then sprinkle bits on top

4) B. toffee-topped ice cream

This is a classic recipe with only your favorite ice cream, topped with pieces of our B. toffee

5) B. toffee dipped pretzels

Pick up your favorite pretzels and dipped them in melted chocolate before rolling in B. bits

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