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20 Reasons Why Los Angeles Is Better Than New York

A rivalry that has existed for years, the battle between Los Angeles and New York seems to always be a topic of conversation. So, which city is better? Of course it's all subjective, but the chips definitely stack up much higher for Los Angeles. With beaches, great weather, proximity to Las Vegas and other great benefits, LA is without a doubt the best coast.


imperial beach
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1.) Beaches

In LA, we have beaches surrounding the city. From Malibu all the way to Manhattan Beach, we have miles and miles of pristine coastal landscapes that are available because of the weather year-round.


biking bike venice beach
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2.) The Weather

One of the most obvious ways living in LA kicks NYC's butt is our incredible year-round weather. Spend any time in New York and you'll soon realize why the weather in LA is amazing. Moderate weather that stays around 70 almost throughout the year is what New Yorkers talk about in jealousy. Think it's cool to slop around in the snow and rain? Spend a year in LA and you'll think a bit differently.



true-food-kitchen - verified ashley ryan
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3.) The Food

With plenty of tasty options, Los Angeles has food that's not only amazing, but it's also affordable compared to New York. From Vietnamese to the best Mexican food found anywhere, to Pan-Asian, American and everything in between, LA's food is not only delicious, but it's also healthy too. Try ordering a corned beef sandwich from Katz's Deli in New York City and you'll find a huge difference from the one you're likely to get at Factors Deli or Canter's Deli. The Sushi in LA is also the best you'll find anywhere outside of Japan. And that's a fact.


money, cash
File photo of money. (photo: BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)

4.) Bang For Your Buck

LA might not be the cheapest city to live in, but you definitely get a lot more value for the dollar than you do in New York City. In fact, we don't need to pay an exorbitant amount of money every month to sleep next to our toilet.


Bicycle riders riding a a tandem bicycle on the beachfront bike path at Venice
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5.) Quality Of Life

Spend any length of time in New York and you'll know what quality of life in LA means. We have a great quality of life here.


Disneyland - VERIFIED Ashley - Disney
(Credit: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort)

6.) Theme Parks

With Disneyland in our backyard, as well as Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and others, our theme parks are all close to city limits making for a great day trip activity.


Tide Detergent Becomes Unlikely Target For Many Thieves
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7.) Easier Errand Runs

When New Yorkers need to buy something from the store, or run errands, they can't just drive their cars to the store, load up and go home. Our errands are easy, stress free and take much less effort.


In N Out
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8.) In-N-Out

You could live your entire life in New York and never come close to what its like to bite into a Double Double burger from In-N-Out. Los Angeles boasts In-N-Out Burger locations throughout the city. New York has none.


Las Vegas Sign
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9.) Travel

When New Yorkers need to get some space, it's almost always an entire ordeal to figure out some transportation. Get a ticket. Check the weather. And more. When you want to get out of LA, just jump in your car and enjoy the ride to Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego or Santa Barbara. There's nothing like hitting the open road with some tunes playing versus sitting on a train with 100 others on your way to your escape.



santa monica pier
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10.) Being In The Great Outdoors

We all know the weather is better than New York City, but living in LA also affords us the ability to experience outdoor activities throughout the year. Whether it's an outdoor movie in November, or hiking Runyon Canyon, an outdoor concert, or going to a pool party, we can actually get out as opposed to New Yorkers who must experience most of these things indoors.


HollywoodBowlFireworks - verified kellie
(Credit: Los Angeles Philharmonic Association)

11.) Better Music Venues

Home to some of the best music venues in the world including the Hollywood Bowl, The Greek Theatre, The Wiltern, Music Box/Henry Fonda Theatre and many more, New York City can't even come close to competing with the historic venues LA offers.


thermostat air conditioning
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12.) No Need For Heating Or Aid Conditioning

In LA, we can go an entire year without the need to use our heating or air conditioning. Summers can get hot, but not something the ocean breeze can't solve.


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13.) No Trash On Sidewalks

We can actually walk down the streets without seeing trash overflowing on the sidewalks, whereas in New York, it's a part of daily life.


movie set
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14.) We Entertain The Entire World

As the center of the universe when it comes to film, tv and music, LA boasts the entertainment industry. Movies are born here and entertain the entire world.


Long Beach Lobster Festival - verified ramon
(Credit: Long Beach Lobster Festival)

15.) Work/Live Ratio

In New York, you live to work, but in LA, we work to live.


(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella)

16.) Coachella

Coming from far and wide, people come to the LA area every April to experience Coachella. Compared to NYC's Governor's Ball, Coachella blasts it out of the water with the musical acts that flock to play each year. And, the thousands of people that travel from all over the world to attend.

runyonc anyon
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17.) Personal Space

Personal space is not something we even think about in LA. But, in New York, you need to "get away" from the thousands of people that are always around you, in Los Angeles, we can go to and from work by ourselves in our cars, go for a peaceful walk at night and have personal space. No crowded subways and streets here.


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18.) Manners / Friendliness

New Yorkers are miserable and show it. Try ordering a sandwich from one of the markets, or go into a store and you won't be greeted with a smile or any politeness. People actually smile and are nice in Los Angeles. Something foreign to most New Yorkers.

Pressed Juicery
(credit: Pressed Juicery)

19.) Healthy Living

Make fun of us all you want, but being healthy by eating good food feels good. Some of us may be fitness nuts, and juice every once and a while, but it beats the feeling of being overweight, unhealthy and stressed out all the time!

soco farmers market
(credit: Oksana Shufrych/shutterstock)

20.) Best Farmer's Markets & Freshest Vegetables and Fruits

Given that California produces a huge percentage of the country's fruits and vegetables, it should come as no surprise that when we get avocados or grapefruits, they are much fresher than what New Yorkers get.

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