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20 Best Places To Eat Pies In Los Angeles

Many restaurants serve good pies throughout Los Angeles, but a great pie can be tough to find. Whether you're craving apple pie, pecan pie or other varieties, you're in luck because we've compiled a list of the best places in Los Angeles to eat tasty pies.
Casells Casell's Hamburgers - VERIFIED - pies
(credit: Casell's Hamburgers)

Cassell's Hamburgers
3600 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 387-5502

Koreatown's Cassell's may be known for their burgers, but the pies certainly don't disappoint! Topped off with delicious whipped cream, bite into pies ranging in flavor from dolche de leche banana cream pie and cheesecake to a lemon icebox pie with vanilla ice cream! These are easily some of the best pies in Los Angeles.

Cake Monkey Pie -- Verified
(credit: Cake Monkey Pie)

Cake Monkey
7807 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 932-1142

This West Hollywood bakery may have "cake" in its name, but it serves up some pretty great pies! From butterscotch pudding pie, honey braised pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust and topped with toasted marshmallows, and a cider roasted apple pie, you'll be in dessert heaven. Other flavors include a brown butter pecan pie with toasted cocoa nibs, a chocolate cake pudding pie topped with fresh marbled whipped cream, a blueberry lemon frangipane pie as well as a cherry almond pie with a flaky buttery pie crust.

Know Reality Pie - VERIFIED - email
(credit: Know Reality Pie)

Know Reality Pie
5106 Townsend Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(916) 799-5772

Eagle Rock's Know Reality Pie is fast becoming the place to go for tasty pies in Los Angeles. The quaint bakery serves up handcrafted pies with seasonal flavors in both large and mini sizes. Flavors here include their award winning triple berry blend, a banana rum dulce de leche pie infused with banana extract and topped with whipped cream, caramel, drizzle and butterscotch chips, as well as a classic key lime pie with traditional cinnamon graham cracker crust and whipped cream, a salty butterscotch walnut with drizzled caramel sauce, a birthday cake pie that's topped with whipped cream and funfetti sprinkles, a salted caramel apple pecan pie with Granny Smith and Fuji apples, and dozens of others! Seasonal flavors include Georgia peach nectarine, peach raspberry, peanut butter Twix, maple bourbon sweet potato, blueberry lavender, bubble gum blast, chocolate pistachio, and many others!

(Credit: Johnny Rebs)

Johnny Rebs'
4663 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90805
(562) 423-7327

This sitdown restaurant with locations in Orange County, and in Long Beach offers a little taste of the south. And, when you're in the mood for some delicious comfort food, this is the place to go. While all of their desserts are incredible, including their key lime pie, or their fresh lime filling with homemade graham cracker crust with whipped cream, you won't want to miss out on their fried pecan pie. Smothered in vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and sugar, this pie serves 2 and has delicious apples inside a biscuit crust that is fried. Yummmm!

27th Street Bakery
(credit: Jeanne W./yelp)

27th Street Bakery
2700 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011
(323) 233-3469

There's a lot to choose from at this casual bakery in downtown LA! The south LA bakery, which has been passed down through three generations, cooks up homemade pies that will have you wanting to come back for more. Stand-outs include their pecan pie, the sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, as well as the peach cobbler pie. They offer large versions of their pies and many come in small versions, too.

(credit: Paulina Y./yelp)

Atticus Creamery + Pies
10893 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 474-7464

The pies at Atticus Creamery + Pies are handcrafted fresh daily using only the best ingredients. Along with ice cream, the shop offers classic pies like lemon lavender, salted caramel, earl grey, coconut banana, as well as cheesecake pies like blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, Oreo, and many others! Special pies are a huge draw here, too. Flavors include mango pineapple, Reese's peanut butter chocolate, strawberry pistachio, and more! Oh, and don't forget to sample some of their new flavors that rotate, like the bourbon walnut pie or apple pie with peanut butter crumble. Yum!

valerie-confections_winter-luxury-pumpkin-pie_photo-credit-peden-munk - VERIFIED
(credit: Valerie Confections)

Valerie Confections
1665 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 250-9365
Multiple Locations

Valerie Confections serves up tasty treats all year long, so those who love sweets can enjoy chocolatier and baker Valerie Gordon's desserts like pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving, as well as other seasonal offerings throughout the year.

(credit Urth Caffe)

Urth Caffe
267 S Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 205-9311

Baked daily at the downtown location, Urth Caffe is known to have one of the best apple pies around. The fresh pies are sent from their downtown restaurant to one of the 3 locations around Los Angeles and come with a crust made up of butter and shortening as well as sanding sugar for that extra delicious taste. Other favorites at Urth Caffe include their blueberry pies. Come hungry because their pies are large enough for two to share.

apple pie
(credit: shutterstock)

Apple Pan
10801 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-3585

For years, Apple Pan has been serving up their signature style pies that have kept patrons coming back for more. Though this LA staple is known for it's burgers, its also known famously for its pies. And for good reason. From fresh apple pie, to banana cream pies, pecan pies and many more flavors, Apple Pan's pies are served hot with cool vanilla bean ice cream on the side to enjoy. A top pick? The banana cream pie. But, really anything you choose here is good. So, grab a burger, and then finish up with a strawberry, cherry or other seasonal pie.

(credit: Brite Spot Dinner)

Brite Spot
1918 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 484-9800

This hip and popular diner is a favorite for breakfast and lunch in L.A. The homemade desserts here are a major draw too, and include delicious pies like their salted honey pie, a honey whiskey pie, apple pie, peanut butter pie, bourbon pecan pie, key lime pie, chocolate creme, strawberry rhubarb and many others!

(Credit: Pie n Burger)

Pie 'n Burger
913 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 795-1123

It's a good sign when "pie" is in a company name if you're looking to taste great pies. Cooking up some of the best pies in Los Angeles, Pasadena's Pie 'n Burger serves up delicious selections including fresh fruit pies (strawberry, peach, blackberry and others), meringue pies (banana, coconut, chocolate, lemon, peanut butter and more) as well as their signature Pie 'n Burger Pies. Popular selections include their apple, Dutch apple, pecan, custard, blueberry, boysenberry, cherry, baked peach, and more.

dupars pie
(credit: Clara H./Yelp)

Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-8446

Du-Par's might be well known for their short stacks and great breakfast fare, but residents know this is an excellent place for a variety of tasty pie flavors. Bite into traditional pies ranging from peach, cherry, green apple, rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, sweet potato and others to their fresh creams & specialty pies, including flavors like egg custard, coconut custard, lemon meringue, chocolate meringue, blueberry cream, coconut cream, southern pecan (a favorite), banana cream, lemon cream and many others! Pair with with other pastries like a donut, a cinnamon roll and more, and you'll be all set!

jones hollywood pie
(credit: Marlene L./Yelp)

7205 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 850-1726

Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of biting into Jones' apple pie and you might not be able to stop them from talking about how good it is. Served on a sizzling platter which oozes brown sugar sauce, you'll cool down the hot bite of delicious pie with a scoop of cold vanilla bean ice cream on the side. It's one of LA's best.

Gjusta - pie
(credit: Michael U./yelp)

7205 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 850-1726

Since it's opening, this Venice bakery has been the talk of the town. And, for good reason. From tasty sandwiches to great baked bread and desserts, it's not to be missed. Once you've had your coffee, breakfast or a sandwich, try one of their great fruit or specialty pies. The banana cream pie is a must!

Coolhaus - verified - kellie fell sept 2016
(Credit: The Pie Hole )

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 537-0115
Multiple Locations (Arts District, Hollywood, Pasadena, Long Beach, Orange County, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga)

Nestled in a great location near the eatery Wurstküche, The Pie Hole promises delicious pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is pretty extensive, so you may have a tough time finding just one to try. But, must taste pies include Mom's apple crumble pie, the maple custard pie, an earl grey pie, and one of their most popular, the salted caramel pecan pie. Order and eat at one of their many locations, or order one for take out!

odys penelope
(credit: Sharon Y./yelp)

Odys + Penelope
127 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-1033

The Modern American eatery and grill from Karen and Quinn Hatfield serves up a wide selection of food with a small list of rotating options for pies. Flavors here include a banana cream pie, a chocolate rye pie with peanut crumble and ice cream, and more. The dessert menu changes often, so expect to find new flavors when you visit!

simplethings pie
(credit: Camellia C./Yelp)

Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop
8310 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 592-3390
Multiple Locations

Pies at Simplething's Sandwich and Pie Shop are delightful. With a wide range of pies, favorites here include the key lime pie, pumpkin pie and banana cream pie. The filling, and ingredients are terrific on any pie you choose though. What's great about Simplethings is you can decide to pick up a mini pie if you just want a few bites or a larger one if you're really hungry. Other flavors include peach, mud pie, French silk, salted caramel, chocolate cream, blueberry and more! Make sure to check the website though as their pie flavors change daily!

Four 'N 20
(credit: Al V./yelp)

Four 'N 20
4723 Laurel Canyon
Valley Village, CA 91607
(818) 761-5128
Multiple Locations

This San Fernando Valley hot spot opened in 1969 as a pie shop and has evolved into a restaurant with breakfast served all day, and lunch and dinner served as well. Flavors here are plentiful and include fruit pies (apple, Dutch apple, strawberry rhubarb, boysenberry, blueberry and fresh fruit), as well as cream pies (banana, chocolate, coconut), and specialty pies with flavors ranging from banana fudge, pecan, custard, lemon meringue, and French vanilla cherry to key lime, Boston cream and lemon cream.

Southern Girl Desserts - Verified
(credit: Carlos Coleman)

Southern Girl Desserts
3650 West Martin Luther King Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 293-2253

If you've never had desserts at this Baldwin Hills bakery, you definitely don't know what you're missing out on! From red velvet and vanilla butter cream cupcakes to puddings, pies and more, they offer some delicious treats! Pie flavors here include pecan, sweet potato, and more!

polly's pies peanut butter fudge
(credit: Polly's Pies)

Polly's Pies
3490 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 595-5651
Multiple Locations

Serving some of the best pies in Orange County for the past forty years, Polly's Pies has almost anything you can imagine. At Polly's Pies, everything is made from scratch using high quality ingredients as well, so you can be sure that every bite will be mouthwatering. With many locations throughout Southern California, with the original location that opened in 1968 in Fullerton is still in operation cooking up pies daily. The small, privately owned company which has been doing business for over 40 years, offers pies and desserts including double cream banana cream pies, coconut cream pies, chocolate cream pies, as well as Ms. Polly's delicious banana cream filling pie, topped with fresh sweet strawberries and a ring of real whipped cream. Or, choose from their oven baked double crust selections. From apple, apricot, blueberry, boysenberry, rhubarb, and others, you can't go wrong. But, the fun doesn't stop there. They also offer seasonal fresh fruit pies, which are served with a dollop of real whipped cream. Specialty pies, oven filled pies and more are also available.

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