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2-Year-Old Pit Bull Gets 1,000-Plus Stitches After Knife Attack

LOS ANGELES ( — A 2-year-old pit bull is making a remarkable recovery Sunday, hours after receiving more than 1,000 stitches following a knife attack.

The Ghetto Rescue Foundation brought the dog named Spartacus to the Pet Care Center in South Los Angeles Saturday. Although his family tried to care for him, they realized they needed extra help.

The attack in Florence happened earlier that day.

Police believe Spartacus was hit over the head with a shovel, and cut numerous times. His attacker is unknown.

"Spartacus just sat there, I guess, letting him slice him up. Such a sweet dog," said Alex Kyrkland of the Pet Care Center. "Whoever this person is, and I can't even use that word, this animal, I think, he tried to cut his throat off."

It took a surgeon at the Pet Care Center two hours to stitch up all of his wounds, reported CBS2's Joy Benedict.

The center has several abused dogs awaiting adoption. Their veterinarians are volunteers and they turn no pup away, regardless of finances.

"I'm hoping that somebody is going to want to step up and probably take him permanently from Ghetto Rescue," Kyrkland said.

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