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2 SDSU Students May Face Expulsion If They Don't Remove Patriotic Flag Display

SAN DIEGO ( — Two Southern California college students have been asked to immediately remove military flags they draped over their balcony on-campus or face expulsion.

Cameron Box and Connor Fenwick both attend San Diego State University.

They've expressed their patriotism by displaying the series of flags at their apartment.

The flags include a U.S. Coast Guard flag, Army flag, and an American flag.

The display, however, violates on-campus housing rules that prohibit hangings and partitions on balconies.

SDSU Letter

The school told the students in a letter to take down the flags immediately or face expulsion.

"They are trying to say that it's a fire hazard, but it just doesn't make much sense," said Box, an active duty Coast guardsman. Fenwick is an aspiring U.S. Army officer.

On-campus housing rules also prohibit placing other articles on balconies with the exception of patio furniture.


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