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2-Month-Old Baby Girl Found Alone In Car Seat Outside Lake Los Angeles Home On Chilly Evening

LAKE LOS ANGELES (  —  Authorities say a 2-month-old baby girl was found in a car seat and outside alone in Lake Los Angeles Saturday evening.

A Good Samaritan called police who ended up arresting the child's father.

KCAL9's Brittney Hopper spoke to the Good Samaritan.

The baby was found outside a home. Crying. Screaming and cold.

On Sunday evening, Hopper's phone said it was 55 degrees but she was told on Saturday night -- when the baby was discovered -- it was even colder outside.

Damien Tilly was coming home around 8:30 p.m. Saturday after a long day of searching for a job.

He told Hopper, first he heard dogs barking, and then a baby crying. Then he saw the shivering baby in its car seat.

"It was pretty cold. I mean the baby was cold. Flush red. It was out there for like an hour, total," Tilly said.

Tilly says he yelled out for help -- for about 20 minutes --  trying to get the attention from whomever was inside the home. But no response. He then called 911.

"This is a mountain area, there's coyotes, mountain lions, all sorts of things here. Bobcats. It's pretty rough terrain," Tilly said.

Deputies say the father was home along with three other children all under the age of four.

They wont confirm or deny whether the father accidentally left the baby outside, Hopper reported.

However, deputies say, the conditions inside the home were deemed too unsafe and Child Protective Services was called.

Deputies say the mother and father are separated and the mother had dropped off the baby with the father earlier in the day before she went to work. The mother says she is just happy her baby is okay.

"This could have really cost her her life and I'm really thankful for whoever picked her up," the mom said.

Today, the mother got to thank the Good Samaritan.

Tilly also happens to be a father and he says he just wants to make sure the child will be fine.

Deputies said the father remains in jail on child endangerment charges.

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