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18-Year-Old Will Take His Grandma To The Prom -- Because She Missed Her Own

CAMARILLO  ( —   18-year-old Michael Ganczewski turned down a lot of dates for his senior prom.

He had his sights on one very special lady. His grandma!

KCAL 9's Elsa Ramon says Ganczewski is an outgoing senior at Camarillo High School.

His senior prom is just three days away and until two weeks ago, he hadn't decided on which special girl he was going to take.  But then it hit him.

"Instantly, I thought, I'm bringing Nana," said Ganczewski,

Michael found out his Nana --  Josephine --  didn't get to go to her prom in 1961, because her family didn't have the money. He wasn't about to deprive her of knowing what that special night was like.

"At first, when he came to me, I said no way," says Josephine, "I'm not going to the prom, I'm an old lady! Get over it. He said, 'No Nana, you're my lady. I want you to go.'"

So it was a date. Or will be.

Nana was a little taken aback to find out prom is done a little differently today.

"Well, I thought it was held at the school," she said. "Because that's where mine was held many years ago. And I was surprised that it wasn't."

Michael says many of the kids in his class know about his plan and have been very supportive.

Ramon asked Michael if he thought Nana should be prom queen?

"She's already my queen," he says, "She doesn't need to win."

Ganczewski had to get special permission from the school and the principal to bring his grandma as his date -- the usual cut off is 20.

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