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$17M program launches in South LA to increase electric vehicle access

$17M program launches in South LA to increase electric vehicle access 00:47

A new $17 million program is being introduced Tuesday in South Los Angeles, designed to provide better access to electric vehicles.

The Universal Basic Mobility pilot program will increase electric vehicle car sharing services and EV charging facilities in South L.A.

It will also up the number of on-demand shuttles and electric bikes.

The program is being headed up by the L.A. Department of Transportation. It will provide transportation subsidies, known as "mobility wallets," to South L.A. residents who utilize the expanded services.

Along with the subsidies, the program will also include job training programs in EV and e-bike maintenance.

"Transportation is a big issue, many times we take it for granted," L.A. City Councilman Curren Price said. "But being able to buy a TAP card, being able to get an e-bike, being able to get a shuttle, is going to be an experience that many will be able to take advantage of." 

The program is being funded with $13 million from the California Air Resources Board's Sustainable Transportation Equity Project, and another $4 million from the city of L.A. 

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