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13-year-old viciously beaten by woman inside Harbor City McDonald's

Woman viciously beats 13-year-old inside Harbor City McDonald's
Woman viciously beats 13-year-old inside Harbor City McDonald's 02:35

Police are searching for the woman who viciously beat a 13-year-old inside a fast food joint in Harbor City last week. 

The unprovoked attack happened on Sept. 6 when eighth grader Kassidy Jones decided to stop by her local McDonald's with a couple of classmates. The teen said she walked out of the bathroom when the woman launched her unprovoked attack. 

Jones said the only she did to the woman was make eye contact with her. The woman proceeded to curse at the middle-schooler and exclaimed "I fight kids."

"Then she grabs me and starts manhandling me and I didn't do anything to her," said Jones. 

Despite Jones' desperate pleas to stop, the woman tightened her grip. When the 13-year-old tried to fight back, the woman punched her in the face, grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground. 

"Swung me like a rag doll," said Jones. 

At that point, jones said all she was thinking about was survival and not getting seriously injured.

"It was very horrific, very bad," she said. 

The woman stopped beating Jones when a man, who went to the McDonald's with the assailant, pulled her off the teenager. Jones suffered a few cuts, bruises, a swollen face and emotional trauma. 

"I could not believe it," said Angelina Gray, Jones' mother. "I'm thinking it had to be an animal that would hurt a 13-year-old. Someone mentally disturbed."

Gray was heartbroken when she saw her daughter, a 4.0 GPA and honor roll student, beaten up so badly. She is outraged and hopes someone will identify the woman.

"She should go to jail. lose her children, lose her job as well," said Gray. "If anyone knows this lady, please turn her in."

The Los Angeles Police Department said officers have not arrested anyone yet. If they do, the woman will face child abuse and battery charges. 

"There is no excuse that can excuse her for what she did," said Jones. 

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