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12-year-old devastated after witnessing his French bulldogs stolen in front of his Long Beach home

12-year-old's French bulldog puppies stolen in front of his Long Beach home
12-year-old's French bulldog puppies stolen in front of his Long Beach home 02:09

There's nothing 12-year-old Ethan Gonzalez loves more than to take care of his seven French bulldogs. 

It all began when his parents got one for thinking the only child would need a friend. Two years later, the sole French bulldog had its first litter much to the delight of the Long Beach boy.

However, just nine months after the new puppies came into this world, Ethan's joy seeing the new puppies run around has turned into sorrow. 

"A lot of late nights and stuff like that," said his father Ubaldo Gonzalez. "It's pretty crazy but he's doing the best he could given the circumstances."

These days Ethan can't stop crying after he witnessed someone steal two of his 9-month-old puppies Nebula and Mantis.

"I saw one person like, calling them," said Ethan. 

Around 9 p.m., on June 21 the dogs got out of the family's property through a gate left open during home renovations. Security video showed the dog scattering along 66th Way when a car slowly approached. It then made a U-turn at Lewis Avenue and pulled up next to the puppies.

"The car passed by and I saw them take both of them," said Ethan. 

While the family had several dogs, they said Ethan had a special connection to both Nebula and Mantis. 

"The other ones they wouldn't like to sleep on my bed a lot," he said. 

The distraught boy said the two dogs loved to lick his face a lot too. 

While the family filed a police report with the Long Beach Police Department, they have not heard about any leads yet. Ethan said the thief was driving a grey or silver newer model Toyota Prius. 

"It's not just an animal to a certain point," said Ubaldo. "It becomes family. And that's not cool."

Ubaldo and his wife said that their son has not been the same since the abduction and are offering award for the puppies' safe return. 

"My mom just says to keep on praying and they'll come back," said Ethan. "I want them back."

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