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Ventura County Has 1 Confirmed Case Of Measles

VENTURA COUNTY ( — Authorities Friday confirmed one case of the measles in Ventura County and some doctors are urging parents to have their children vaccinated against the potentially deadly disease.

Dr. Paul Russell, acting Ventura County Public Health Officer, told CBS2's Amy Johnson that there are four other possible cases of the measles along with the confirmed case.

"There is a teenager who was exposed to another person with measles who had never been immunized against measles," the doctor said. "Children need to be immunized."

But not all parents are following the doctor's advice.

Joel Shapiro, who has a four-month-old daughter, says he's decided not to give his daughter the MMR vaccination until she turns four.

His pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, agrees with his decision.

"I'm not just a proponent of letting parents choose. I'm a proponent of revising the current vaccine schedule. I think that we give too many vaccines to children too early in life. I think that we group vaccines together without being 100 percent certain of the safety of those groups, those combinations," the doctor said.

But Dr. Russell disagrees.

"There's been multiple studies now that have shown that the measles vaccine has no relation to autism and so I encourage every parent to bring their child into their pediatrician and get them vaccinated," he said.

Symptoms of the measles include: fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and a rash all over the body.

Those experiencing those symptoms should call their doctor immediately.

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