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Pursuit suspect arrested after nearly four-hour long standoff with deputies in Compton

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Hours-long standoff stemming from brief pursuit results in arrest of DUI suspect 01:51

A man driving a pickup truck was chased by authorities in the Compton area before being cornered near a flood control channel at the Compton Creek, where the standoff continued for nearly five hours on Thursday.

The pursuit began when Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop and the driver refused to pull over.  

The suspect successfully evaded a number of PIT maneuvers attempted by deputies, driving over center dividers and on the wrong side of the road as they continued the pursuit via Compton surface streets.

The chase led to Poplar Street and Wilmington Avenue, where the pickup came to a stop around 1 p.m. on Thursday a few feet from the wash, pinned in from behind by law enforcement vehicles.  

Deputies fired multiple pepper balls into the cab of the pickup, breaking a portion of the rear window, but the driver refused to the exit the vehicle, in turn throwing one of the canisters out of the vehicle. A spike strip  was laid down as the man in the truck attempted to drive in reverse into the LASD squad car parked behind. 

After a few minutes, the man tried to back into the law enforcement vehicles, but could not get away, spinning the tires and sending up a plume of smoke into the air. The deputies tossed a gas container into the cab of that pickup, but the standoff continued.

At around 5:25 p.m., the suspect was finally taken into custody after attempting to flee from the area on foot after exiting his vehicle for the first time since the incident began. He was finally forced out of the truck when Special Enforcement Bureau agents approached the vehicle and inserted gas canister. He was apprehended without further incident.

Throughout both the pursuit and the standoff, the suspect could be seen inhaling something presumed to be nitrous oxide from a ballon sourced by a large tank inside of the truck.

During a press conference, LASD officials disclosed that as it stands, the suspect faces charges of driving under the influence and assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. 

A person who claimed to be a family member of the suspect's spoke with KCAL News reporters at the scene, alleging that he had recently lost his mother in Mexico, and was very distraught. 


Suspect attempts to flee on foot, quickly apprehended by deputies

Compton pursuit suspect taken into custody after standoff 01:27

After nearly four and a half hours, the standoff finally came to an end at around 5:25 p.m., when the suspect attempted to flee from the vehicle on foot. 

His attempted escape was prompted by LASD's Special Enforcement Bureau's attempt to utilize a chemical again to get him out of the vehicle. 

He was quickly apprehended by pursuing deputies and taken into custody. 

By KCAL News Staff

Suspect facing charges of DUI, assault with deadly weapon

Authorities provide update regarding ongoing standoff in Compton 03:22

During a press conference, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies disclosed that the suspect was initially sought after he was seen doing doughnuts in his vehicle. 

He is facing charges of driving under the influence and assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. 

By KCAL News Staff

LASD SEB crisis negotiation team on the way

Crisis negotiation specialists with LASD's Special Enforcement Bureau are heading to the scene to assist with the standoff, which has now been ongoing for nearly three hours. 

By KCAL News Staff

Authorities blocking traffic near spot of standoff

While the standoff continues, LASD deputies are blocking Wilmington Avenue between Cedar Street and Poplar Street, where the suspect is currently stopped near Compton Creek.

By KCAL News Staff

Two armored vehicles arrive at standoff scene

Armored vehicle moving in closer as Compton pursuit standoff continues 00:17

The Los Angeles Sheriff Department brought in two armored vehicles to help with the stand off happening in Compton.

The suspect continues to sit inside his truck and has been seen huffing different substances from a blue tank, possibly nitrous or helium. During the chase, the driver was repeatedly seen with a white balloon in his hand, inhaling from it. He apparently continued refilling the balloon with the blue tank as the chase went on. 


Authorities have thrown in multiple pepper balls into the truck in attempts to get the man to come out.

By Amy Maetzold

Authorities evacuating nearby homes near standoff

Compton pursuit suspect: Home evacuations 00:29

Authorities are evacuating nearby homes as a standoff continues between law enforcement and a reckless driver wanted for a DUI.

The stand off started around 1:15 p.m. at Poplar Street and Wilmington Avenue near the Compton Creek Trail and has been going on for over an hour.

By Amy Maetzold

Pursuit suspect refuses to get out of his truck, tries to back up


The suspect revved his engine as deputy vehicles pinned his truck in.

The tires spinning created a blanket of smoke as the suspect continues to not get out of his vehicle.

By Julie Sharp

Deputies throw pepper ball into suspect's vehicle

Deputies have fired multiple pepper balls into the cab of that pickup, breaking a portion of the rear window. The driver is still refusing the exit the vehicle. 

By Julie Sharp

Deputies surround the suspect's truck


Compton Sheriff's surround the suspect driver's truck as the driver sits inside at the end of a road at the Compton Creek. 

By Julie Sharp

Pursuit driver hits a dead end at Compton Creek


Around 1:08 p.m. the driver being pursued runs into a dead end at Compton Creek. The suspect is surrounded by deputies.  

By Julie Sharp
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