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Police arrest 2 assault with deadly weapon suspects following pursuit in South LA

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Two suspects arrested following slow-speed pursuit through South LA
Two suspects arrested following slow-speed pursuit through South LA 00:23

Authorities are in pursuit of an alleged shooting suspect. 

The chase is believed to have began somewhere near the Vermont Square area of South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department officers in pursuit detailed that the suspect was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon related to a shooting. 

The suspect traveled at slow speeds throughout South LA, mainly along Slauson Avenue and S. Vermont Avenue. At one point, police tossed a perfect spike strip, causing the vehicle to come to a stop moments later. 

The suspects, the driver and another man in the passenger seat, were both taken into custody without further incident at around 9:34 p.m.


Both suspects taken into custody

After slowly exiting the vehicle, the suspects were both taken into custody by police officers. 

Pursuit suspects surrender to police after brief pursuit in South LA 04:57
By CBSLA Staff

Both suspects surrender to officers

After the successful spike strip, the suspect finally came to a stop on S. Vermont Avenue, where both the driver and a person in the passenger seat of the vehicle put their hands out of the window to surrender. 

By CBSLA Staff

Officers lay spike strip near S. Vermont Ave.

An officer hiding behind a car near S. Vermont Avenue appeared to toss a spike strip in front of the vehicle. 

Afterwards, the car could be seen traveling at less than 10 miles per hour, while one person held their hands outside of the passenger window.

Officer throws out spike strip right in front of suspect 00:52
By CBSLA Staff

Suspect leads police slowly; running red lights

Despite driving fairly slowly, only leading police with speeds nearing 35-40 miles per hour, the suspect continues to drive through intersections without stopping, running through several red lights. 

Police in pursuit of a suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon 01:12
By CBSLA Staff
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